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Lifting Changi’s Name High

The CAG Scholarship is offered to individuals with the passion and determination to make a difference in managing one of Singapore’s prized possessions – Changi Airport.

Changi Airport boasts the title 'World's Best Airport' amongst other prestigious titles awarded by travel magazines, airline associations and industry organisations worldwide. As a major Asian air hub, Singapore’s Changi Airport is the world’s most awarded airport with over 480 awards to its name.

Undoubtedly, this would have been impossible without a stellar team committed to managing the airport. Changi Airport Group (CAG) is the guardian of the Changi Experience, an exceptional combination of operational efficiency and customer delight.

CAG scholars will enjoy the Changi Experience in their journey with the company as well. We hear what CAG Local Undergraduate Scholar Jason Chaw and CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar Juliet Fu have to say about their experience with CAG and scholarship journey respectively.

What Motivated You To Take Up The Cag Scholarship?

Jason: I have always been fascinated with aviation since I was young, so it was no surprise that I wanted a career in the aviation industry. Thus, when I came across the CAG Scholarship in a scholarship guide, I was instantly drawn to it.

CAG offers a diverse range of career choices to give scholars more latitude in exploring different roles – this was the distinguishing factor that motivated me to take up my scholarship. It also gave me the chance to be part of the team which runs the prestigious Changi Airport!

Juliet: My History lessons in both Junior College and secondary school sparked my interest in international relations. Even though I was not completely sure of the specific job I wanted to pursue when I was 19, I was sure I wanted to work in the aviation industry, because it provides the opportunity for international exposure that will allow me to connect with others.

The CAG Scholarship was perfect for me as it presented various opportunities that will help me grow and contribute to the growth of this exciting industry.

Juliet Fu Liyuan
CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Studying: Bachelor of International Relations, Durham University, UK

"I was sure I wanted to work in the aviation industry, because it provides the opportunity for international exposure that will allow me to connect with others."

How has the CAG Scholarship developed you for a career with CAG?

Jason: In my first few years with CAG, I was given the opportunity to explore various roles in the airport operations department. This exposure broadened my understanding of the challenges faced by the different business functions and, more importantly, how they all work hand-in-hand to position Changi as the world’s best airport!

Today, my understanding of these different functions have allowed me to better communicate with different stakeholders in cross-functional projects, such as the current Terminal 1 redevelopment project that I am involved in.

Juliet: Pursuing a scholarship with CAG has given me unique experiences. The rigour of and responsibilities I took up at my summer internships afforded me a preview of the demands of work life – I remember constantly shuttling between experiencing life of an overseas student and that of a young adult preparing for the working world.

These experiences have helped me to continue my years of study with a deeper understanding of how to prepare myself for the workforce. I was able to gain perspectives about work life, the aviation industry as a whole as well as Singapore’s position in the world through my internships.

What are some challenges faced at work (Jason) and in studying overseas (Juliet)? How do you overcome them?

Jason: I am currently a part of the Terminal 1 Expansion project team. One of my key projects involves the redesign of the check-in hall to incorporate self-service check-in facilities to enhance efficiency and the experience for our passengers. To achieve that, I have to work closely with various stakeholders such as airlines and ground handlers.

From time to time, when working on projects, different stakeholders will have their own views about the best approach towards achieving the same desired outcome. Keeping an open mind is thus important – when everyone brings something to the table, the best solution is often the one that successfully integrates seemingly disparate ideas into a coherent and functional plan.

Juliet: I have been exposed to so many new people, places and experiences since the start of my scholarship journey, and coping with everything at once – such as my overseas life, frequent travels, summer school and internships among other things – has been tricky but very meaningful personally. At the end of the day, I am glad that I am working in my industry of choice and experiencing the thrills that I had always wanted. This thought makes everything worthwhile.

Jason Chaw Yew Chuan
CAG Local Undergraduate Scholar

Designation: Manager, Development Operations,
Airport Operations Management

Studied: Bachelor of Engineering
(Mechanical Engineering),
First-Class Honours,
Nanyang Technological University

"This exposure broadened my understanding of the challenges faced by the different business functions and, more importantly, how they all work hand-in-hand to position Changi as the world’s best airport!"

What do you look forward to in your future with CAG?

Jason: With our plans to expand the airport and continual efforts to enhance the Changi Experience, there will be interesting developments, including Terminal 4 and 5, and Jewel Changi Airport. These will take place in the coming years, affording me a lot more opportunities and challenges that will help me learn and develop my skills. I am glad to be able to grow personally and professionally, and at the same time play a part in shaping Singapore’s aviation landscape.

Juliet: I look forward to playing a part in the upcoming expansion of Changi Airport, through my involvement in new and exciting projects when I start working full-time. But in order to contribute, I would first need to be equipped with all the relevant skills. I am glad that I would be able to tap on the knowledge and expertise of my colleagues during my internships, and gain invaluable insights from them.

What advice should aspiring CAG Scholars take note of?

Jason: It would be useful to read up and do your research on CAG and Changi Airport in order to understand its business and values. It is also important to display a spirit of excellence, and strive for constant progression and improvement.

My advice will be for you to be yourself at the scholarship interview. This will help you to determine if you are indeed a right fit for the organisation.

Juliet: Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through the scholarship interview process. Your confidence, passion and personality will help CAG see you as a valuable talent and leader.

Ultimately, understand both the company and yourself. Only by understanding how its values align with yours will you be able to find greater joy and meaning in your work – extremely important aspects in a career!