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As a vibrant, forward-thinking and innovative university, Curtin Singapore’s unique campus experience brings students' career ambitions to life. Undergraduate Tan Li Lyn describes how Curtin prepared her for a future in the media.

At  Curtin Singapore, students are provided with opportunities to grow in all aspects of life – not just in their academic studies. With a strong, international focus, Curtin offers globally-recognised courses where students are groomed to excel in the competitive global market.

For Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) student Tan Li Lyn, her time at Curtin has certainly equipped her with both the 'soft' and technical skills needed for her future as a media practitioner. She reveals, “After my education here at Curtin, I will be spoilt for choice in my career path. The whole experience – from the people I have met to the academic knowledge I have gleaned – has been unparalleled!”

Tell us more about your interest in mass communication.

Tan Li Lyn: Growing up, I lived with my extended family and this made me an outspoken person. I realised I love interacting and communicating with people, and through this I soon realised I had a passion for Mass Communication – the perfect match between my interest and aptitude!

I also realised that a career in the media industry requires strong interpersonal and communication skills and to excel as a media practitioner, it is important to develop and practise these skills early. Fuelled by this passion, I chose to enter the arts stream in Junior College – a contrast from my science-orientated education background back in secondary school – before going on to pursue a degree in Mass Communication.

What motivated you to take up a degree in mass communication at Curtin Singapore?

Li Lyn: I found out about Curtin through my aunt, who is an alumni, and I also heard many wonderful things about the university. Furthermore, the knowledge and expertise that the lecturers portrayed at Curtin's open house sparked my interest in the university.

Tan Li Lyn

Studying: Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication),
Curtin Singapore

Furthermore, Curtin offers the same curriculum as the main campus in Perth, and I would be able to further my studies and enjoy the 'Australian experience' with a recognised foreign off-campus university in the comfort of Singapore. The Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) course is a perfect fit for me!

How is Curtin preparing you for your future career in the media industry?

Li Lyn: Curtin Singapore follows a trimester system, with three academic semesters in a year rather than the usual two. We constantly work with tight deadlines and under high pressure, both of which have indeed honed my time-management skills. We may sacrifice long semester breaks, but this is definitely good training for the fast-paced working environment of the media industry!

Curtin also offers many interesting and informative media-related modules such as Media Law, News Writing and Reporting and Broadcast Journalism. For instance, our lecturer arranged an opportunity for us to visit the local British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) studio and this gave me great insights into a typical working environment at a news broadcasting corporation!

In addition, I got to conduct face-to-face interviews with people on the streets and this has made me more courageous and confident in approaching strangers – a very good glimpse of what reporters go through every day! Together, these experiences are more impactful and enriching than rigid textbook-based lessons – and will definitely help build a strong foundation for my future as a media practitioner.

Share with us some memorable aspects of your time at Curtin.

Li Lyn: I fondly remember my time at Curtin – so many wonderful people have been a part of it! Curtin has an online discussion board that promotes interaction with Curtin students from both Singapore and Curtin’s global campuses. I have met people from all around the world and from all walks of life who have given me a fresh outlook on world culture.

Our lecturers are also figures of inspiration for everyone. Our low student-to-teacher ratio (around 20 students to one lecturer) makes it easy to foster strong ties with our lecturers, who never fail to encourage us or help us with their knowledge and experience.

"I got to conduct face-to-face interviews with people on the streets and this has made me more courageous and confident in approaching strangers – a very good glimpse of what reporters go through every day!"

In fact, one particular lecturer has brought her strong understanding of the broadcasting field from her years as a seasoned presenter at CNBC Asia into the classroom. Lessons with her are a joy and I constantly look forward to every memorable lesson under her tutelage!

What advice do you have for young adults considering furthering their studies with Curtin Singapore?

Li Lyn: Here at Curtin, we are like one big family! We are strongly encouraged to interact with one another across different cultures and different disciplines, especially through our own campus events such as charity runs and Christmas parties organised by our student committee. Curtin is unique and aside from being an educational institution, it even feels like a second home to me!

To excel at Curtin, always remember to believe in yourself and what you can achieve. Have faith in Curtin’s system and the many opportunities it presents. If you have the courage to follow your heart and chase your dreams, your future with Curtin will be bright!