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Keeping Singapore
Safe And Secure

Seven departments, two statutory boards and one Home Team. The various departments and statutory boards within the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) all have a common goal – to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Safety, security and stability are the bedrock of a prosperous nation. For Singapore to thrive, her citizens must have the freedom to pursue their goals and aspirations in a safe and secure environment. MHA is the Government ministry responsible for safeguarding Singapore against homeland security threats that may arise and respond swiftly to any emergencies or safety challenges that the public may face.

As the vanguard of Singapore’s homeland security, MHA also constantly innovates and develops new ways to keep Singapore safe in the face of unexpected and rapidly evolving challenges. MHA knows that there is no better way to ensure Singapore’s security than by building up a Home Team consisting of dedicated, passionate and capable officers.

Taufiq Abdul Azim Bin Mohamed Azmai and Wilfred Lim, both Home Affairs Uniformed Services (HUS) Scholarship holders, are two such individuals who share the opportunities they have enjoyed with the Home Team and how they hope to do their part to forge an even more secure future for Singapore.

A career in the uniformed service

Taufiq's interest to join a uniformed service began during his time as a Probationary Inspector with the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom). He recalls, “I was exposed to the challenging work undertaken by the Head Operations and Training and several other TransCom officers. After spending considerable time interacting with these officers, my interest was further piqued and I came to firmly believe in the importance of doing my part to keep Singapore safe and secure.”

Taufiq subsequently managed to secure a HUS Local Merit Scholarship and eventually received an offer from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). He shares, “The decision to accept the offer was an easy one as CNB serves a vital function in keeping Singapore drug-free, and I was elated and humbled to have been given the opportunity to play my part in such a crucial aspect of Singapore’s security.”

Wilfred Lim
HUS (SCDF) Local Merit
Scholarship Holder

Designation: Senior Staff Officer,
Terrain & Security,
Plans & Projects Branch,
Operations Department,
Headquarters Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)

Studied: Bachelor of Engineering
(Electrical Engineering),
National University of Singapore

"I am happy to be a part of the Life- Saving Force and I know that any appointment I hold in the SCDF will play an important role in accomplishing our mission."

For Wilfred, the National University of Singapore (NUS) graduate now serves as a Senior Staff Officer at the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). He tells us, “When I was researching the various scholarship options available, it soon became apparent that if I were to put on any uniform, the SCDF would be my first choice as that would allow me to make an impact on people’s lives in a very tangible way.

“Furthermore, the Nicoll Highway incident happened during the period when I was applying for scholarships. I was deeply moved by the SCDF’s efforts in the rescue, and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of the Live-Saving Force.”

Growing with the home team

Even before he officially joins CNB, Taufiq is already being groomed for his future role at CNB while still an economics student at NUS. For instance, he meets up with scholars from other Home Team departments during his university breaks for the Vacation Attachment Programme (VAP).

He elaborates, “This provides opportunities for us to get to know one another and be exposed to the job scopes of various Home Team agencies through visits and interactions with experienced officers. This is crucial as it allows us to better understand the functions of the different departments and see how they work together as a single, united Home Team!

“I also interned with CNB even before I started at NUS, working with officers from the Policy, Planning & Research Division (PPRD) to help prepare and organise the annual Workplan Seminar. These assignments exposed me to various operational challenges faced by the CNB. I also had short stints with the various operational divisions, which added to my knowledge of the Bureau and will definitely come in useful when I begin my career in earnest!”

Taufiq Abdul Azim Bin Mohamed Azmai
HUS (CNB) Local Merit Scholarship Holder

Studying: Bachelor of Social Sciences
(Honours) in Economics,
National University of Singapore

Wilfred shares Taufiq's sentiments – he’s already had four years of service with the SCDF and has a host of insights and experiences to share. He enthuses, “It is important that the SCDF plans ahead to meet the future demands of emergency services. For instance, we are building more fire stations around Singapore to bring more essential emergency services to our citizens' doorsteps. This includes the SCDF’s Emergency Medical Services, which responds promptly every time a member of the public dials 995 for an ambulance.”

When asked about any particularly memorable experiences he has had, Wilfred appears hard-pressed to pick one. He says earnestly, laughing, “There are just too many! But if I had to pick one, it would be my first posting as a Rota Commander at Tampines Fire Station. One of my first emergency calls involved a road traffic accident. When I arrived at the scene, there was a teenage girl trapped in the front passenger seat of a lorry. Her legs were pinned down by the dashboard from the collision’s impact and she was in a state of considerable distress.

“We immediately got down to work to free her, and to this day I still recall this fi rst experience vividly. It may not seem like much, but it’s the small things that constantly remind me why I chose to serve with the SCDF!”

A safer and more secure future

Looking ahead, Taufiq hopes to contribute to the CNB’s mission to combat narcotics-related crimes and keep drugs off the streets of Singapore. He says, “I conducted a study of the policies implemented to combat drug abuse in Singapore during my final year at NUS and I hope to be able to bring fresh perspectives based on my study as an economics undergraduate!”

When asked if he has any advice for aspiring HUS Local Merit scholars who hope to join the CNB, he nods, saying, “CNB makes the effort to give every scholar an early exposure to the Bureau’s operating environment in order to ease their transition into the job when they graduate. As a result, I’d advise aspiring CNB scholars to think about why they desire the scholarship – ensure that your values are indeed aligned with the MHA and CNB and you will enjoy a career and a future in ensuring a safer and more secure future for Singaporeans.”

On Wilfred’s part, he looks forward to continuing his career in the business of protecting and saving lives and property. He concludes, “I am happy to be a part of the Life- Saving Force and I know that any appointment I hold in the SCDF will play an important role in accomplishing our mission.

“Of course, that mission can only be achieved if we have a force of dedicated individuals to help achieve it together. Aspiring HUS Local Merit scholars should understand the importance of the future of the nation and how they can play a role in ensuring Singapore’s continued safety and security.”