Have a hand in shaping the future

Embark on a challenging and rewarding career in the Ministry of National Development (MND) and our statutory boards. Here you will work with creative and passionate professionals to help shape Singapore. Whether it is to provide better homes for our people, enhance townships for stronger communities, protect our food supply or grow and build a distinctive global city embedded in an environment where nature thrives, we strive to ensure that Singapore remains always a special home in the hearts of its people.

Join the MND Family and have a hand in shaping Singapore today for tomorrow.
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Ministry of National Development

Shaping an Endearing Home
and a Distinctive Global City

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Housing Development Board

Provide Affordable,
Quality Homes
Ensure Vibrant Towns
Build Communities
Land use Planning

National Parks Singapore

Nurture a
City in a

MND EDGE Scholarships

If you share our passion to shape the city of tomorrow, we invite you to apply for our MND EDGE Scholarships to pursue a diverse range of undergraduate programmes such as:

Engineering, Urban Studies, Urban Planning & Design, Environmental Science, Real Estate, Sociology, Economics, Geography and any other related disciplines

Economics/Business, Agribusiness/Agricultural Economics, Aquaculture, Science, Food Science, Horticultural Science, Veterinary Science and any other related disciplines

Architecture, Architecture & Sustainable Design, Civil / Structural / Electrical / Coastal / Mechanical / Environmental Engineering, Engineering Systems & Design, Project & Facilities Management

A range of disciplines including Architecture, Urban Design, Town Planning, Geography, Civil / Electrical / Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Sociology, Actuarial Science, Statistics, Building, Real Estate and Communications & New Media

Horticulture, Forestry, Botany, Environmental Science / Management

The following list shows the courses of study that our scholars are encouraged to study in, but not limited to: Plant Sciences, Applied Sciences, Horticultural Science, Botany, Forestry, Biotechnology, Landscape Architecture

Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Town Planning, Transport Planning, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering/Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Real Estate, Sociology, Geography/GIS
Apply through the BrightSparks portal by clicking on the logos above.