Introduction to NParks

The National Parks Board (NParks) is responsible for providing and enhancing the greenery of our City in a Garden. Beyond building green infrastructure, NParks is actively engaging the community to enhance the quality of our living environment.

NParks manages over 300 parks and 4 nature reserves. Adding to this is the extensive streetscape, or roadside greenery, that forms the backbone of our City in a Garden. An island-wide Park Connector Network is also being developed to link major parks, nature areas and residential estates.

As the lead agency on nature conservation, NParks has developed an urban biodiversity conservation model, which aims to conserve representative eco-systems in land-scarce Singapore. NParks also monitors and coordinates measures to enhance the presence of biodiversity in our urban landscape.

NParks is working closely with partners in the landscape and horticulture industry to increase productivity, and provide training for all levels of the workforce. Enhancing competencies of the industry will support Singapore's vision of being a City in a Garden.

Our Mission

To create the best living environment through excellent greenery and recreation, in partnership with the community.

Our Vision

Let's make Singapore our Garden

Our Values

Excellent Service
Learning and Innovation
Environmental Stewardship
Care and Compassion
Teamwork and Partnership

Our Goals

To provide and manage stimulating, diverse and valuable greenery
To inspire ownership and care for our greenery and nature
To promote 'green' recreation as a lifestyle
To manage nature areas for the advancement of life sciences
To achieve organisational excellence

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