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About BCA

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is an agency under the Ministry of National Development, championing the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore. "Built environment" refers to buildings, structures and infrastructure in our surroundings that provide the setting for the community's activities.

Mission and Vision
Our mission is "we shape a safe, high quality, sustainable and friendly built environment".

Safety, Quality, Sustainability and User-Friendliness are four key areas where BCA has a very significant influence on the built environment and they distinguish Singapore's built environment from those of other cities. Hence, our vision is to have "a future-ready built environment for Singapore".

Strategic Thrusts

In line with our mission and vision, our strategic thrusts are:

1. We aim to be a caring and progressive organisation that values its people, the innovative spirit, integrity, and service

2. We ensure high safety standards and promote quality excellence in the built environment.

3. We champion barrier-free accessibility and sustainability of the built environment.

4. We lead and transform the building and construction industry by:

  1. Enhancing skills and professionalism
  2. Improving design and construction capabilities
  3. Developing niche expertise
  4. Promoting export of construction related services.

5. We forge effective partnerships with the stakeholders and the community to achieve our vision.