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The MND Internship Programme offers undergraduates who are interested in a career in MND and in the Civil Service, an enriching opportunity to discover your potential.

In the ten-to-twelve week internship at MNDHQ, you will be attached to one of MND's core functions, depending on your interest. Whichever path you choose, expect to realise your leadership potential in a dynamic environment where you will grow personally and professionally. More importantly, through the varied and challenging assignments, you will have a better understanding of MND's operations as well as gain greater insights into public policy-making.

If you are keen on an internship with MND, we welcome you to submit your application on an internship with MND to [email protected] and indicate the top three Divisions you are keen on as well as the duration and period of your availability.
Divisions in MND HQ

Our Policy Divisions
  • Strategic Planning Division
  • Housing Division
  • Infrastructure Division
Eco-City Project Office

Research & Strategy Management Division

Municipal Services Office

Corporate Communications Division

Corporate Development Division
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Corporate Services & Partnership
  • Estates
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Computer Information Systems Department
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