Life in MND

MND believes in the all-round development of our officers. Apart from work, our officers participate in a wide range of staff recreational activities to build strong camaraderie and teamwork. As responsible corporate citizens, we also do our part for the community, through ‘green’ initiatives and social work.
Our People

A career in the public service provides ample opportunities to shape policies that would promote Singapore’s national interests and the general well-being of Singaporeans. From policy-making to corporate functions, every division in MND plays a pivotal role in making Singapore a better place to live,
work and play in.

See what our officers have to say:
  “A geographer by training, I have always been fascinated with all things spatial and how humans, as social beings, interface with the natural world. Hence, it was almost a no brainer for me when I decided to join MND upon my graduation from university. I wanted to be involved in shaping Singapore’s physical and social space and what better way than to join MND, which has a big hand in transforming Singapore’s physical environment.”

Sophianne Araib, Deputy Director / Infrastructure Division
“I had always been interested in policy work, especially on the bread and butter issues affecting our people and livelihood. So I was really excited when I saw an opening for a role in the Housing Division, which works closely with HDB on Singapore’s public housing policies and programmes. With 80 percent of the population living in HDB flats, which are the largest single asset for many of us, housing policy is definitely one of the hottest and most exciting areas of work.“

Soh Cheng Hwee, Assistant Director / Housing Division
“My latest portfolio exposes me to the challenges and operations within the corporate set-up of the ministry. I love my job for the diverse exposure it brings me. It keeps my adrenaline level high. Some of the challenges I faced on the job include having to switch modes across the different portfolios under my charge, and setting aside enough time for developing the young officers in my team. “

Chua Yen Ling, Deputy Director / Housing Division
“I enjoy working in MND, as we have a very open culture where everyone works together with a common goal in mind. Indeed, MND is like an extended family. We work hard together, but we also play hard together at social activities such as cycling trips, movie outings, and more!”

Heng Whoo Kiat, Deputy Director / Infrastructure Division