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Talent development lies at the heart of what we do. MND recognises the diversity of our talent, and we are committed to the continuous learning and development of every officer. MND offers a structured development programme that consists of a comprehensive MND induction course, customised training, internal job rotations within the Ministry, and secondment opportunities to our statutory boards. grow
Developmental Opportunities in MND
MND Induction Programme   Training   Job Rotation / Cross-Agency Postings   Sponsorship for Training / Scholarship Programmes
MND Induction Programme

As part of our on-boarding process, all new officers will attend the MND Induction course, which includes site visits to the various statutory boards. This will help officers to better understand how the Ministry and its agencies work together in achieving a common alignment and vision.

Comprehensive training, in the form of on-the-job training, conferences/seminars and structured courses at the Civil Service College (CSC) or any other institutions, will ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise required to perform well in your role. Officers may also be involved in projects or assignments across Divisions/ Departments for greater challenges and responsibilities.

As an MND EDGE Scholar, you will also have opportunities to attend leadership development courses to build leadership potential and network with your peers such as MND's in-house Young Leaders Programme (i.e. EDGE Young Leaders Programme) and other milestone courses.
Job Rotation /
Cross-Agency Postings

At suitable junctures of your career, you may also look forward to rotations in the form of internal postings within the Ministry, or through secondment to other Ministries, statutory boards or external organisations for wider exposure and development.

MND(HQ) also has a structured job rotation scheme that enables officers to be rotated to different portfolios every 2 to 3 years, either within the Ministry or to our Statutory Boards. Under this scheme, officers would be able to gain exposure and deepen their understanding of the different facets of MND's work.
Sponsorship for Training /
Scholarship Programmes

To enhance officers' career prospects and sustain their engagement levels, MND encourages officers to acquire professional qualifications and accreditations, to increase the level of proficiency of the officer's domain skills and knowledge.

We also recognise that sponsorship for further studies would better meet the career aspirations of our officers and groom and prepare high-calibre officers for higher job responsibilities. Officers may be sponsored for postgraduate studies to stay current and grow professionally in their field of expertise. This sponsorship framework also aims to increase our leadership bench strength as the Ministry grooms and prepares officers with potential to take on key leadership roles in the future.