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Who better to give interview tips than scholars? BrightSparks rounds up the best advice on how to give a great interview and score a scholarship offer.
SNCF Co-operative Scholar

Left: Jonathan How, SNCF Co-operative Scholar
Right: Denise Ong, SNCF Co-operative Scholar

“Be passionate and be real. Don’t try to fake things up. If you are passionate about the organisation, the interviewers will be able to feel it.”

“Show them who you really are and be yourself. If you are interviewing for a scholarship that looks into social causes, you must have the heart to serve.”

Enterprise Singapore Scholar

Toh Ghee Wei,Global Executive Scholar, Enterprise Singapore

“Remember that the interview is as much for them to assess you, as it is for you to understand the organisation. So go in with an open mind, and be honest about what your strengths and interests are. This is the best way to get a good match.”

National Environment & Water
(NEW) Scholar

Carissa Lim, National Environment & Water (NEW) Scholar

“What would be helpful, is to show some familiarity with the organisation and what you can bring to the table. Getting a scholarship is not just about how it is going to benefit you; it is also about how you can give back using the education you have received.”

DesignSingapore Scholar

Ho See Jia, DesignSingapore Scholar

“You have to be honest about your passion for what you are doing. In the field of design, the personality of the designer is quite significant in terms of what you produce, and what you want to produce. My grades were not very good, so I tried to tell the interviewers what my aspirations are, and what I want to gain out of the scholarship. That worked well for me!”

Singapore Airlines Open Overseas Scholar

Joshua Tay, Singapore Airlines Open Overseas Scholar

“Do not be afraid to show your quirks, personal interests and what you are passionate about. Don’t be a cookie-cutter applicant, and don’t fit yourself into a mould. If you are aiming to join an organisation, try to understand how you’ll fit there. Tell your interviewer how you’ve developed yourself in a certain way, or how you have taken up other interests outside of school. Align yourself with the organisation, and show these efforts to them.”

Singapore Police Force Scholar

Poh Yu Quan, Singapore Police Force Scholar

“I have to admit, I wasn’t good at interviews at first. I was very jittery and I stuttered a lot, which did not reflect who I am. My tip would be, understand what you want in life and who you are as a person. That way, when you go into an interview, you’ll be more genuine and show what kind of person you are. The interviewer will be able to see if your real personality fits into the career you are looking for.”

ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Chia Jieru, ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

“Be confident and be sincere during the interview. Some people show their nervousness and if that happens, just calm yourself down and maintain your confidence. Don’t try to fake your way through.”

SgIS Full-Term Scholar

Goh Yi Feng, SgIS Full-Term Scholar

“You need to be earnest and show that you want the scholarship. The replies need to be sincere, and you have to be frank and truthful. Sometimes, I hear that interviewees reply in a way that it only shows their self-interest. It is OK not to know the small details of what the organisation does. What’s more important is your attitude. They want someone who will bring value in the future and has a positive vibe.”