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One of Singapore’s largest corporations, SP Group (SP) is a leading energy utilities company in the Asia Pacific. SP owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia.
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Tay Wei Jia holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (Highest Distinction), and is a Scholarship Recipient of SP Group. He currently works as an Executive Engineer in SP.

More than 1.6 million industrial, commercial and residential customers in Singapore benefit from SP’s world-class transmission, distribution and market support services.

With the rapid growth in energy demand globally, a country’s electricity network is key infrastructure in today’s society. Without electricity, cities can virtually go into a standstill. Singapore’s power network is ranked one of the most reliable in the world. SP invests in infrastructure, technology and manpower to ensure our customers have efficient and reliable power supply.

Undoubtedly, maintaining that high level of performance requires sound planning and robust operations, as well as a dedicated and skilled workforce.

Tay Wei Jia, 28 years old, is a Scholarship Recipient of SP Group. As an Executive Engineer at SP for over two years, he shares how he is part of a diverse organisation, and how he hopes to contribute in the future.

Why did you choose to study engineering? Have you always been technology-inclined?

Engineering has been a natural choice for me since I was in Secondary School. I’m curious about how things work and enjoy solving problems. I see engineering as a practical way to create solutions that help improve the quality of life for others. Technology enables us to bring reliable and efficient solutions to people.

How did you discover SP Group’s Scholarship, and what was key to you taking on the scholarship?

I thought carefully about what I wanted to do as an electrical engineer, and I had an interest in the energy sector. SP operates the national grid from transmission to distribution, and plays a role in making renewable energy sources accessible. I wanted to take up a scholarship from SP in order to apply my electrical engineering skills to the electrical network in Singapore. Securing an interview with SP was the launchpad for the journey ahead.

Tell us more about your role in SP. And, which aspect of your role excites you most?

I currently lead a team in the electricity operations and maintenance section. Our team diverts underground cables, making way for new developments, as part of Singapore’s nation-building efforts. Cable diversion work requires careful planning and precision to maintain reliability in our network. I feel a personal sense of satisfaction when I walk on Singapore’s streets and see everywhere brightly lit. I know I have contributed to Singapore’s energy sector.

Tay Wei Jia

From top left to bottom right: As an Executive Engineer, Wei Jia also leads his team in doing high-voltage switching for cable maintenance and repair.
EDGE engineers like Wei Jia have the opportunity to play a part in driving digitalisation in SP. Precision and careful planning are key in Wei Jia’s duties in cable diversion works.

How does your role as an Executive Engineer in SP help shape you both professionally and personally?

As an Engineering Development for GraduatE (EDGE) Executive Engineer in SP, I’m equipped with a strong foundation from which to build my career. Aside from professional development and training, I also have the opportunity to lead teams and network with industry partners at external events. The experience and exposure have helped hone my technical and leadership skills, and boosted my confidence in dealing with people.

You have worked at SP Group for over two years. What was your most significant moment so far?

For me, it was witnessing first-hand how everyone got together to restore electricity supply during a blackout. Their dedication and efficiency made me feel proud to be part of the team. Everyone acted swiftly and decisively to bring things back to normal.

Did you face any setback and if so, how did you overcome it?

There will always be challenges and setbacks in any line of work – such as problems we did not anticipate. I’ve learnt that it’s important to build a strong and bonded team. Team members need to motivate one another and when we brainstorm for solutions, we tap on everyone’s experiences. It is a continuous learning journey that helps strengthen our competencies.

Aside from your role as an Executive Engineer, how else have you contributed to the organisation?

I’m currently working on a data digitisation project. This excites me as the energy future is about driving innovations with technology. I’m keen to explore how we can leverage data for reliability – further strengthening our networks and making them more cost-efficient.

“I feel a personal sense of satisfaction when I walk on Singapore’s streets and see everywhere brightly lit. I know I have contributed to Singapore’s energy sector.” Tay Wei Jia

How has this scholarship benefited your career? What advice do you have for juniors considering this scholarship?

We’re exposed to events and meetings where we gain insights on the company’s strategic plans. This helps us align our own work plans with the company. Such opportunities hone our thinking skills and understand how high-level plans translate to overall business success. SP is a good learning ground for fresh graduates, especially on the future of green energy.

What are your goals for the near future?

Singapore is driving towards a higher adoption of renewable energy sources, with solar photovoltaic installations being accelerated exponentially. SP is leading the way on many fronts. For example, we’re enabling the increase in electric vehicle adoption by setting up a network of 1,000 charging points island-wide by 2020. We’re also building digital energy solutions to help customers to save energy and cost. I’m looking forward to contributing as actively as I can to this transformation!