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Talent Taking Flight

Just as Changi Airport serves as the first stop to adventures all over the world, the CAG Scholarship is the beginning of a dynamic adventure with multiple opportunities.

Left: Chloe Wang You is a CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Information Science at Cornell University.

Right: Liew Jian Bin received the CAG Local Undergraduate Scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore (NUS ). He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics at the University of California, San Diego.

Being the world’s most awarded airport, Changi Airport is known for its unrivalled passenger experience curated and managed by Changi Airport Group (CAG). Its name is synonymous with global connectivity, clockwork efficiency and thoughtful customer care. From new terminals (Terminal 5 is in the works) to Jewel, Changi Airport is a bustling hub every day.

Leading similarly bustling and exciting lives are two CAG Scholars, Chloe Wang and Liew Jian Bin. Recipients of the CAG Undergraduate Scholarship, they have been on overseas exchange programmes, summer schools, multi-faceted internships and other engaging work in this ever-changing industry, and learning more about the exciting aviation industry every day.

Chloe Wang | CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Taking Off to New Opportunities

Like most Singaporeans, Chloe has fond memories of Changi Airport.

“A prominent part of my source of pride as a Singaporean comes from our airport. So many of my fond memories did not just start and end at Changi, but were also created at Changi,” she recounts. So when representatives from CAG came to her Junior College to introduce the scholarship to students, she jumped at the chance to be part of the team to make memories for others this time.

For Jian Bin, what made him apply to the scholarship was how CAG impressed him as a company. Apart from academia, CAG wants people who are aligned with the organisation’s mission, vision and values and who can contribute to its goals.

“Aside from providing financial support, CAG was a company that looked beyond academics in their search for scholars,” recalls Jian Bin. “Everything they asked during the interview was really about finding out who I really was as a person, and not solely about my grades.

“That was one of the things that convinced me that CAG was going to be a fantastic place to work, and one that would value me, for being me.”

Indeed, CAG believes what they have achieved today can only be delivered by those dedicated to its values and mission.

“There are countless possibilities on how to improve the travel experience and the efficiency of an airport through the use of new technologies and different strategies.” Chloe Wang

Benefits of the Changi Airport Group Scholarship

CAG encourages its scholars to pursue a well-rounded education. Both Jian Bin and Chloe recount how the HR Department, known as the People Team, showed them constant care and support – be it through gifts on festive occasions or offering advice on career options.

With their advice, Chloe decided to study at Cornell University, known for its significant international student population, a wide variety of co-curricular clubs, and the liberty to take classes from all eight undergraduate colleges.

“Our People Team puts in extra care to ensure that each and every scholar is able to explore what she is interested in and build a strong career path for herself,” explains Chloe.

This shows CAG’s strong commitment to the belief that a varied skillset will come in useful in its organisation, and its scholars feel the same.

While it is easy to imagine how Jian Bin’s studies towards his Master in Business Analytics from the University of California San Diego can be applied to his eventual career in CAG, he asserts that ‘out-of-classroom’ skills are just as important.

“During my time in university, I picked up design, photography and public speaking in between my studies and I feel this is the one thing that really sets me apart from other data scientists,” he recounts. “Beyond the math, I can value add by making the data relatable and comprehensible for a layman audience.”

In Chloe’s case, her Degree in Information Science has introduced her to how different strategies and technologies adopted by companies can impact business operations. “I wish to be able to expand upon what I learnt in school and apply that knowledge to the context of CAG,” she adds.

Liew Jian Bin | CAG Local Undergraduate Scholarship

A Soaring Future

As international travel is on the rise, CAG is poised to welcome even more passengers and offer more opportunities to jobseekers wanting to be part of this growing industry. Its scholars can attest to that, as they look forward to a multi-faceted career with job rotations and exposure to exchange programmes and internships during their studies.

Chloe is excited about how the travel experience can be made more efficient and varied. “There are countless possibilities on how to improve the travel experience and the efficiency of an airport through the use of new technologies and different strategies,” she highlights. “CAG is also looking at how to enhance a passenger’s travel experience, developing thematic attractions such as Changi Experience Studio, and subsidiaries such as Changi Recommends, which I think are incredibly exciting.”

“Be yourself during your interview. Don't try to be somebody you are not. CAG chooses its people based on whether they are a good fit for the company and its culture.” Jian Bin

As Jian Bin concludes, “We only unlocked the true potential of flying a couple of decades ago and as the industry grows, the airports grow with it. I am excited to be part of this industry as we explore ways to remain relevant to the needs of our customers and passengers.”

Join the World’s Most Awarded Airport

Jian Bin advises aspiring scholars: “Be yourself during your interview. Don’t try to be somebody you are not. CAG chooses its people based on whether they are a good fit for the company and its culture.”

Chloe concurs. She also adds: “I think what is important when applying to any scholarship is to think about why you want to work for the organisation in the first place and how you can contribute to the organisation.

“For CAG in particular, it is a vibrant and relatively young company that thrives on having a diverse group of people who are all passionate about creating a wonderful airport experience together.”

Jian Bin concludes: “Picture this, you are working in the most awarded airport in the world, seeing how smoothly operations run and how much effort the airport puts into setting a new benchmark every single time. Imagine being in the middle of all of that, working alongside these people towards a common goal. This passion came about because of the atmosphere that I was immersed in during my internships with CAG.”