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A Visual Journey into Healthcare

Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health ensures a steady stream of talent to the healthcare industry.
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Edwin Teo and Kho Jie Qi are currently pursuing Bachelors of Science (Honours) in Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging at Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health.

Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health punches above its weight in Singapore’s Private Education sector with its industry-centric and highly sought-after courses such as the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging degree programme.

Awarded by the University of Hertfordshire (UH) in the United Kingdom, this honours degree course only takes three years to complete and the intake for the course is limited with a maximum of 40 students per cohort. Graduates of the course become full-fledged diagnostic radiographers, who play a pivotal role when it comes to diagnosing diseases and injuries.

Edwin Teo and Kho Jie Qi are currently pursuing a degree in Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging at Parkway College. They share their undergraduate experience and their thoughts on joining the healthcare industry.

Better Health, Better Future

In his sophomore year, undergraduate student Edwin Teo is one of the aspiring students studying radiography at Parkway College. Edwin has always been drawn to healthcare and he was seeking a rewarding and enriching career that offers a strong sense of purpose.

Edwin Teo

Edwin Teo

“Knowing that everything you do is in the best interest to help a patient to become healthier and happier is where I find my purpose in my career. When I was studying for my GCE ‘A’ Level exams, I chanced upon radiography while researching job opportunities and soon developed an interest for it.”

His fascination and passion for learning the science behind the machines used for patient diagnosis and treatment turned into a viable career option when he was introduced to Parkway College.

“A friend of mine was studying at this college and through her, I was able to understand and learn about Parkway College. I felt confident in the school’s ability to equip me with the competencies required to do well in the profession as a diagnostic radiographer.

“The direct-honours course is recognised by Allied Health Professions Council under MOH (Ministry of Health). This assures me of the course’s credibility and I’m sure it will give my future plans in healthcare a boost in the right direction,” says Edwin.

“I felt confident in the school’s ability to equip me with the competencies required to do well in the profession as a diagnostic radiographer.” Edwin Teo

After securing a spot in the course, Edwin took on the Health Science Study Sponsorship Award with Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which reduces the financial burden on his family and provides employment right after graduation. With a peace of mind, Edwin is thoroughly enjoying his student experience at Parkway College.

“It has been a positive and enjoyable study life thus far, with manageable assignments and ample time to prepare for exams. Practical sessions are conducted to allow us to gain hands-on experience before facing patients during our clinical placement,” explains Edwin.

“Students are given the opportunity to be attached to both private and restructured healthcare institutions, which is great. It increases our exposure to a wider range of patient types which give us insights on how to handle different patients.”

He says that Parkway College has a conducive environment with teachers who are approachable and encouraging. More importantly, the teachers are qualified diagnostic radiographers with years of clinical experience, who are able to impart practical tips as well as theories to students.

Edwin aspires to be an expert in his field, specialising in Computed Tomography (CT) scans, and hopes to educate the public about radiography. He believes that spreading his knowledge to the masses will encourage them to be more informed in their healthcare treatment and have better autonomy of their wellbeing.

A Service of Passion

Jie Qi, a final-year student, made the decision to embark on her career in healthcare when she fractured her pinky just before her GCE ‘A’ Levels. That was when Jie Qi first encountered and interacted with numerous healthcare professionals.

“I noticed that all the healthcare professionals were very dedicated to their patients’ progress and recovery. They left quite an impression on me. It inspired me to be part of the healthcare industry,” recounts Jie Qi.

At that point, Jie Qi knew she wanted to be involved in the healthcare industry, but she was unsure of what she wanted to specialise in.

Being a people person, she wanted to interact with patients. She felt that radiology would be a good match for her and in particular, specialising in ultrasound.

Kho Jie Qi

Kho Jie Qi

“Many radiological procedures are completed within a short span of time, hence short patient interaction. Ultrasound interaction with patients is longer and requires extensive training and experience as it is a highly operator-dependent imaging modality,” explains Jie Qi.

“A good rapport between the patient and the sonographer is a vital factor to obtaining a diagnosis. In my opinion, a good sonographer should be able to build rapport with the patient.”

Through her educational journey with Parkway College, Jie Qi has gone through placements that enhanced her learning experience and allowed her to apply theory to clinical situations. In particular, the curriculum comprises of an elective clinical placement of two weeks in the second year of study that allows students to broaden their experience overseas.

“I was in Tokyo, Japan, for an elective clinical placement. We were intrigued by their healthcare practices and wanted to learn first-hand and experience another healthcare system,” says Jie Qi.

“It was an eye-opener as the Japanese culture was very different from that in Singapore. Not only are they very respectful and efficient, their workflow system was very smooth with almost no delays. The experience definitely drives me to better my service and practice standards.”

Jie Qi encourages students to consider joining the healthcare sector, “Stop hesitating. The joy in healthcare comes from serving in healthcare. Follow your heart. You won’t go wrong.”