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Empowering Women in Tech

As a leading communications technology group, Singtel connects and empowers consumers and businesses in new and meaningful ways. From cybersecurity and data analytics to smart cities and 5G networks, Singtel plays a pivotal role in reimagining the way people work and play.

Left: Singtel Group Undergraduate Scholar Hsin Jia Jing has a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science) from Nanyang Technological University, and is a Project Engineer with Singtel Group.

Right: Nurul Fathiah Binte Ariffin graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Computer Engineering, under the Singtel Group Cadet Scholarship. She currently works as an Associate Engineer with Singtel Group.

Singtel is always on the lookout for individuals who can help further its aspirations. Beyond the digitalisation efforts, Singtel believes in making itself a place where individuals can do great work.

Hsin Jia Jing, a Singtel Undergraduate Scholar, and Nurul Fathiah Binte Ariffin, a Singtel Cadet Scholar, weigh in on their experiences and the exciting developments in their field.

Why did you decide to take up a scholarship from Singtel?

Jia Jing: Singtel is a familiar brand to me. I did some research and realised that Singtel provides more than just mobile or TV services. It is also involved in cybersecurity and data analytics. After finding out that I can further hone my technological skills in various departments within Singtel, I decided to take up the scholarship.

Jia Jing

Hsin Jia Jing

Nurul Fathiah: It was during a school trip to Singtel that I was introduced to different opportunities available across Singtel Group. I was impressed with how Singtel evolved from a telco to a global communication technology company that provides a wide range of digital services. I knew that I wanted to be part of this exciting company and was determined to start my career with Singtel!

How has the scholarship journey been for you so far?

Jia Jing: As part of the scholarship, I completed the SHINE Internship program where I got to work with Singtel’s Cybersecurity Research and Development team. Not only was I exposed to the cybersecurity industry, but I was also part of the team that was developing a technology to predict cyber threats through data analytics.

I had a mentor who gave me career advice and insights to the Singtel Group. I also got to talk to other SHINE interns, and that gave me the chance to find out what they were working on. This helped me further understand the different competencies Singtel is building and in turn, the opportunities available at Singtel.

“I’m able to contribute my ideas freely in the workplace and provide opinions from a different point of view!” Hsin Jia Jing

Nurul Fathiah: The scholarship journey has been an amazing one. I honed both my soft and technical skills through the opportunities that came with the scholarship, such as working alongside industry experts. I also learnt many things that I would not have learnt from just studying in school. I did my internship in the Mobile Networks department at Singtel where I was tasked with developing a dashboard portal. I learnt the basics of signal testing and saw firsthand the work that goes behind maintaining the mobile network. It was truly eye-opening. While it was a steep learning curve, my manager and colleagues were very patient and understanding, and their confidence in me kept me going.

What is it like to be a young woman working in technology?

Jia Jing: I have always enjoyed making, doing and creating things. Being able to see my efforts turn into a workable product gives me much satisfaction and joy. This sense of accomplishment is one of the things that got me interested in engineering and technology. I feel happy when I can help others through something that I made.

Usually, there are fewer females in engineering than males. However, I didn’t feel that my contributions will be valued less. If you are doing what you enjoy, that love will be able to sustain and motivate you through tough times.

Nurul Fathiah and Jia Jing

Nurul Fathiah: Growing up, I have always loved learning how things worked and solving real-life problems. Pursuing a diploma in engineering allowed me to develop the skill to make a difference in people’s lives. Although I was one of the ten female students in a cohort of 80, it did not set me apart from the male classmates in my course. We were all passionate about learning how to be an engineer and often exchanged and built on each other’s ideas.

I strongly believe that everyone must work hard to be good at what we do, regardless of one’s gender. It is important to have the willingness to learn new things and always keep an open mind!

Nurul Fathiah

Nurul Fathiah

What are the career opportunities available for you at the Singtel Group?

Jia Jing: Because of the scholarship, I am now in Singtel’s Management Associate Programme (MAP). This program allows me to explore various teams through job rotations and network with leaders and colleagues from different domains. Besides a structured training programme, I also embark on challenging projects that allow me to gain new skills and experience. Right now, I am in a very exciting rotation where I’m part of the team that is building an autonomous robot.

Nurul Fathiah: Possibilities are endless at Singtel. I am currently an Associate Engineer in the Broadcast Department, and it has been an interesting experience. Although I started with no broadcast knowledge, skills from my engineering course made my on-the-job training much easier.

“My manager and the teams I worked with were very patient and understanding, and their confidence in me kept me going.” Nurul Fathiah

What advice do you have for youths?

Jia Jing: When it is time to play, play hard, but when it is time to study, study harder!

If you plan to take up a scholarship, consider an organisation with values aligned with yours. Be aware of what you can contribute and how they can help you develop professionally. Research the company through their website or word-of-mouth to see if you will be a good fit for them, and vice versa. Remember to start your scholarship application early!

Nurul Fathiah: It’s good to start thinking about what you are passionate and interested in. Do consider your strengths and weaknesses too. From there, look for a sponsoring company or organisation that aligns with your passion and strengths, and do in-depth research on the company. Remember always to be humble, keep an open mind and work hard towards achieving your goals!