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Editor's Note

Shattering Perceptions

Like many from the “older generation” (I belong to the tail end of Gen X), I had the perception that Millennials and those from Generation Z are self-entitled and driven by frivolity.

Please forgive me. I’d blame it on the media for painting a poor picture of them, and peers who often relate their horrible experiences working with their younger subordinates. Not turning up for interviews, taking sabbaticals after working for just a couple of years, snapping back at people in authority, “OK boomer”; the list goes on.

But after interacting and interviewing these young people for the production of this magazine, I now have a completely different opinion of them.

They spoke about their goals eloquently, and have an innate sense of mission towards their organisation. Many of them have a robust and achievable plan of what they want to achieve in the near future.

As a cohort, I’ve also realised that young people these days are quite practical.

Through the BrightSparks Education and Scholarship Survey 2019, we found out that the majority of the respondents favour “job security” over “job scope” when looking for an ideal job. Furthermore, recession-proof sectors like Healthcare and Government ranked first and second in the list of preferred sectors to work in.

The findings coincided with the rather pessimistic economic outlook in 2019, where job vacancies have declined, and unemployment figures crept up in Singapore.

If anything, the findings depict young Singaporeans as a sensible and matured lot. They are also adaptable, seizing their opportunities and taking full advantage of them. Speaking of which, scholarships present a sea of opportunities for students like you. If you have the perception that they are meant for straight-A students with an impeccable CCA record, think again. Many organisations want individuals who can add value to the process and are go-getters. If you believe you have what it takes, go for it.

Besides, perceptions are meant to be shattered.


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