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A comprehensive guide to BrightSparks Scholarship Providers
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GIC Private Limited

GIC Scholarship

Courses / Disciplines: We are open to all disciplines of study, with the exception of Medicine and Dentistry.

We value a diversity of perspectives and ideas, and see education as a training of the mind.

As such, our scholars come from a wide range of fields including, but not limited to, Accountancy, Economics, Engineering, and the Liberal Arts.
Universities / Institutions: Renowned local or overseas universities
Value & Benefits: The scholarship includes:
• Return airfare (for overseas studies)
• Tuition and other related fees
• Living allowance
• Book allowance
• Shipment allowance
• Pre-studies allowance, including warm clothing, settling-in and computer allowance
• Sponsorship of a range of learning opportunities (including but not limited to):
  - Student Exchange Programmes
  - Study Abroad Programmes
  - Summer School Programmes
  - Finance-related seminars
  - Foreign language study
• Full postgraduate sponsorship, upon approval by management
• Internship opportunities within GIC, during penultimate year of undergraduate studies
Requirements: At GIC, we value (but also look beyond) qualities such as intellectual curiosity, interpersonal skills, leadership, problemsolving and decision-making skills, and selfmanagement.

We look out for these through the whole application process.

Candidates typically demonstrate these through outstanding academic and co-curricular activities, and leadership experiences.

Students of all nationalities are welcome to apply.
Bond Duration: The bond duration is dependent on the location of study.

3 years

Non-English speaking countries (e.g. Japan, Germany, China) : 4 years
UK/US : 5 years