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Movers & Shakers in Shaping Singapore’s Future

Working to secure Singapore’s long-term financial future, GIC is our nation’s sovereign wealth fund and manages a large portion of the government’s financial assets.

At inception, GIC Private Limited (GIC) was the world’s first non-commodity-based sovereign wealth fund, which empowered Singapore to develop the key capability of managing her own reserves, and have a stronger hand in shaping her own future success. Today, GIC manages over US$100 billion, with assets in more than 40 countries worldwide. The organisation achieves this by relying on its core strengths to execute its mission effectively, including its base of sound governance and its strong on-the-ground presence in key global markets.

Behind the success of these objectives is a team of passionate and talented staff. GIC scholar Ang Shi Hui, Vice President in Asia Equities Research, recalls the early beginnings that attracted her to GIC. “My passion in economics, coupled with my interest in learning how successful businesses were run, led me to GIC naturally. It is one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds with global reach and investments across multiple asset classes. It is a well-regarded institution internationally, and offers young professionals a great platform to learn and begin a career in investment management,” she enthuses.

Ang Shi Hui

Ang Shi Hui 
Investment Analyst
Vice President in Asia Equities Research,
Public Equities

GIC Scholar
Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance and Statistics)
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Master of Finance
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

“GIC is one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and well-regarded institutions with global reach and investments. It offers young professionals a great platform to learn and begin a career in investment management.”

Shi Hui goes into the specifics as to how young professionals like herself are developed even before they step foot into GIC. “I studied Finance at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) during my scholarship. In my senior year, I interned in the Private Equity department in New York as well,” she begins. “The four years abroad took me outside of my comfort zone to study and live amongst people from different cultures and backgrounds. It broadened my perspectives of this field while learning to be confident, independent, and to think creatively. These formed the bases of the hard and soft skill sets required to excel at my current role, where I travel regionally and manage a portfolio of healthcare investments in Asia,” she elaborates.

Touching on today’s global investment climate, it has become more competitive than before with the abundance of global capital, Shi Hui says. To stay ahead, both her department and GIC have to be more nimble yet remain disciplined in their approaches. “We have to expand our proprietary knowledge in a world that is quickly evolving with new business models and technologies. One prominent industry that is witnessing exponential growth is healthcare; it is an area that is experiencing rapid advancements in scientific discovery and technology globally. Thus, GIC has set up focus groups across the organisation to direct more resources to study these new breakthroughs and to find the right companies to invest in. Internally, we have also built data analytics teams that complement the traditional research done by investment teams. I have worked closely with colleagues in China, India and in the US for this ongoing effort and expanding market,” she details. These are just some steps they have undertaken to stay ahead of global needs and trends, Shi Hui summarises.

Ang Shi Hui

Advising aspiring scholars to join her, she states that GIC is an organisation that is invested in the long-term development of its employees. “In my first year at GIC, I was rotated through different asset classes, from Fixed Income to Real Estate. The all-rounded exposure is an eye-opening experience and will help you to discover your strengths and career preferences. I had the privilege of pursuing a one-year course in Cancer Biology parttime at Harvard Medical School in 2017 as well to develop my area of expertise. It is a testament of how GIC will continue to be supportive of your development even after you join them fulltime, and the foresight they have in grooming their employees to excel in future roles,” Shi Hui shares.

She notes that working in investment management often presents a steep learning curve for young professionals, but GIC is a great platform with deep access to companies and the industry. “The rigorous training and responsibilities you get at GIC will kick-start your career in investing on solid footing. It is also rewarding knowing that the fruits of your labour are directly linked to the growth of Singapore’s foreign reserves,” she concludes.