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Building Connections and Transforming Travel through Innovation

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Two Land Transport Authority scholars talk about the exciting opportunities available to learn and grow at their technologydriven organisation that allows them to enhance the everyday lives of people in Singapore.

With plans to enhance the connectivity of Singapore’s transport network by 2020, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) is poised to meet the exhilarating goal of growing the nation’s transport infrastructure alongside her thriving population. To achieve this, LTA is driving the use of innovative technology for a smarter and better land transport system and empowering its employees to better meet transport demands of the future.

LTA Scholars - Victor Khoo, an Integrated Control Systems Project Engineer and Beatrice Lau, a Financial & Management Reporting Assistant Manager, have just embarked on their careers. Yet, within this relatively short span of time in the organisation, they are able to effortlessly relate on the career development opportunities available for their personal growth and their purpose driven roles in LTA.

How have you benefited from the LTA Scholarship?

Victor:  Firstly, studying abroad in the UK under the LTA scholarship has not only broadened my perspective of the world, it has also improved my interpersonal skills through the interaction I had with international friends of different cultures. Under the pupillage of professors from all over the world and across various industries, I gained a deeper appreciation of engineering concepts.

The scholarship orientation programme provided me with insights into an LTA career as the programme included visits to various statutory boards within the Ministry of Transport family. The engagement sessions with senior management helped us better understand transport operations in Singapore, as well as the challenges faced by the industry. In addition, scholars are required to take up at least one internship with LTA. The internship provided a crucial foundation for my career as well as exposure to the professional working environment.

Beatrice:  As a fresh graduate, I value personal development at work. This is achieved through wide exposure and varied learning opportunities. The structured career progression tracks place great emphasis on rotation within (and outside of) LTA and allow us to gain different experiences across key functions which shape our transport landscape. There are abundant learning opportunities in LTA as the management takes an active interest in our personal development and our areas of interest.

Beatrice Lau

Beatrice Lau 
Assistant Manager, Financial & Management Reporting
LTA Undergraduate Scholarship

Bachelor of Accountancy
Bachelor of Business
Nanyang Technological University

“There are many avenues to reach your fullest potential at work, as the leaders are supportive of various learning and development programmes for you to grow both professionally and personally.”

Share with us, Victor, an example of how LTA applies smart technologies in your engineering role?

Victor:  LTA is constantly on the lookout for ways to harness new technologies to enhance the efficiency, safety and reliability of our railway system. It was exciting to be part of the team that undertook the Integrated Maintenance and Diagnostics Centre (IMDC) LTA innovation project. The IMDC gathers real time condition-based information from various subsystems for predictive maintenance. The IMDC helps operators detect and rectify potential faults before the actual failure happens, thereby improving overall rail safety and reliability.

Beatrice, how does your work reflect the dynamism of LTA’s workplace culture?

Beatrice:  My division plays an important role in ensuring compliance to accounting standards and providing readers of our annual report with insights through numbers. In light of the dynamic business model of LTA, such as the introduction of the Bus Contracting Model and our new role as the master bus operator, we have to be responsive in accounting for these new arrangements.

With evolving accounting standards to ensure relevance in the changing business environment, we are stimulated to always be proactive in conceptualising, proposing, and executing solutions to meet these new requirements.

Victor Khoo

Victor Khoo 
Project Engineer, Integrated Control Systems
LTA Undergraduate Scholarship

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Nanyang Technological University

Master of Science
(Advanced Control and Systems Engineering)
University of Manchester

“LTA leads infrastructure development in Singapore and drives the latest land transport initiatives. I believe that Singapore will be equipped with a technology-driven land transport system in the future.”

Having a purposeful and rewarding career is a top priority among your generation. Share with us how your current roles fulfil this career goal?

Victor:  Transportation is intricately woven into our daily lives. I hope that, in my career at LTA, I will be able to contribute my knowledge and skills to enhance Singapore’s transport system and ultimately improve the commuting experience for public transport users, including my family and friends.

Beatrice:  The transport industry is key in driving Singapore’s socioeconomic development. As a commuter myself, I have benefited from the improvements in frequency and service standards with the Bus Contracting Model and New Rail Financing Framework. Believing that every small effort contributes to a higher purpose of improving accessibility and services provided to commuters, I find it very purposeful and am proud to be part of the organisation that connects people and places.

What else can individuals look forward to in a career with LTA?

Victor:  As LTA leads infrastructure development in Singapore, our engineers are involved in driving the latest land transport initiatives. I believe that Singapore will be equipped with a technology-driven land transport system in the future. New projects are in the pipeline including new MRT lines. On top of these, engineers have the opportunity to participate in various projects to strengthen their skills and expand their experiences. For example, rail system engineers like myself have the opportunity to go overseas for off-site integrated testing (OSIT) to resolve system design and interface issues before the train is delivered to Singapore. Involvements in such projects are often hard to come by. Therefore, I strongly encourage interested candidates to embark on a rewarding career with LTA today.

Beatrice:  It is definitely an exciting time to join LTA as we are continuously striving to improve the service, accessibility and safety of our transport system. In LTA, there are many avenues to reach your fullest potential at work, as the leaders are supportive of various learning and development programmes for you to grow both professionally and personally. Hence, I truly encourage aspiring individuals to be part of the team that keeps your world moving.