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Rising on the Horizons of Engineering

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With its focus on innovation and technology, ST Engineering offers aspiring engineers a dynamic career and an abundance of career opportunities.

With over 50 years of experience in delivering innovative engineering solutions, ST Engineering is a global technology, defence and engineering group with expertise in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. True to its reputation as a leader in technological development, ST Engineering is committed to building a culture of innovation, and pushing the boundaries of technology in the years to come.

We speak to ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar, Joash Tan, and ST Engineering Overseas Scholar, Nerissa Tay, about their journeys with ST Engineering and how their scholarships have helped propel them in their careers.

Firstly, why did you choose ST Engineering?

Joash: I knew that I had a passion for design, hands-on engineering, and practical innovation, and that I would enjoy a dynamic working environment. As I began to research on scholarship providers, ST Engineering stood out to me because of its wide spectrum of roles and career paths – in aerospace, electronics, land systems or marine sectors, both locally and globally. I also felt I would benefit from the deep industry knowledge, expert perspectives, and business insights of the company.

Nerissa: I was actively looking for options to further my training as an engineer when I found out about ST Engineering. I was drawn to how the organisation is a global and integrated engineering group that provides abundant opportunities for professional development for engineers to develop the necessary skillsets to be excellent at what they do.

Joash Tan

Joash Tan 
ST Engineering-SgIS Scholar
Kinetics Advanced Robotics Land Systems

“ST Engineering stood out to me because of its wide spectrum of roles and career paths, both locally and globally, which I could benefit from the deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives.”

How have the scholarship and people development tracks at ST Engineering equipped and prepared you to fulfil these aspirations?

Joash: For me, the scholarship provided the financial means for my university studies in Mechanical Engineering, an overseas exchange experience in Germany, as well as a two-year residential college programme on campus. These experiences helped redefine my motivations and enlarge my perspectives on the world.

Also, upon graduation, the HR department reached out with informative talks and interviews to ensure I was placed in a position that was a best fit for me. Importantly, I have met amazing colleagues, people who have been patient and helpful, enabling me to quickly be acquainted with the workplace systems and pick up the technical skills I need.

Nerissa: At the organisation, the various job rotations have equipped me with multi-disciplinary skills and experiences. Being part of the environmental engineering team has also enabled me to learn from experts in the field. I am currently assigned to the company’s design centre, where I hone my skills in designing water treatment systems and will soon rotate to the business development team to enhance my understanding of scoping and bidding for new projects.

Tell us more about your role today. How do the innovation and technology employed at ST Engineering assist you in excelling in these responsibilities?

Joash: I work in Kinetics Advanced Robotics, a department of ST Engineering’s Land Systems sector. We are a dynamic team with a mission to develop autonomous buses, revolutionising Singapore’s public transport system by integrating artificial intelligence, and smart IoT technologies with environmentally friendly electric bus platforms.

To do this, we make use of a range of cutting-edge cameras, GPS, Radars, and LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors to perceive the ambient surroundings, and pinpoint the exact realtime location of the autonomous bus. Our team then develops software modules that fuse these data streams to make predictions that are accurate and reliable. This gives us confidence that the autonomous bus is not blind to actual objects and features on the road, and not reacting wrongly to sensor noise or “ghost objects”.

Nerissa: I am part of the environmental engineering team in the Marine sector of ST Engineering. My role is to develop turnkey environmental solutions for the water and waste management industries. This means my scope of work includes but is not limited to formulating design processes, and working with other teams to prepare the scope of work and project proposals. For example, I am currently working on a project to design, build, own and operate Singapore’s fifth desalination plant in Jurong Island. I am excited to use Autocad software to produce detailed engineering drawings, and water purification and ultra-filtration technology software to create treatment designs.

Nerissa Tay

Nerissa Tay 
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar
Engineering Design Centre

“At ST Engineering, the various job rotations have equipped me with multi-disciplinary skills and experiences.”

That sounds exciting. What about scholars who are considering joining ST Engineering – what advice do you have for them?

Joash: Meaningful work gives our lives purpose and dignity. Take some time first to find out what kind of work you find meaningful and are passionate about. Reach out to people who understand you well or have experiences in the fields you are interested in. Afterwhich, apply for organisations with business specialisations, ethos, and working culture that are in alignment with your personal talents, motivations, and goals.

Nerissa: Look beyond the scholarship value and apparent prestige of each option. Try to find out more about the culture and business of the companies that you are considering by talking to employees that you might know personally or through social platforms such as LinkedIn. Choose a company that you are prepared to work for in the longterm, and where you find a good fit between your passion and its culture and values. Only then can you achieve a synergetic working relationship with the company.