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Reaching for the Stars

Changi Airport Group
A winner of numerous global accolades, Changi Airport is the epitome of operational excellence which has set it apart from its peers. Two scholars from Changi Airport Group share what it is like to be part of a world-class organisation.

Equipped with unmatched capabilities and boasting unparalleled facilities, Changi Airport is the crown jewel of international aviation operations. Striving to give visitors the best experience, the airport is constantly innovating and enhancing its services and offerings.

The secret to Changi Airport’s success—its people. Brightsparks speaks to Changi Airport Group (CAG) Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, Chen Wanlun, and CAG Mid Term Scholar, Clarence Chng, to find out more about the dynamic career opportunities at CAG, and why its scholarships are their most preferred paths to success.

More than just an Airport

Going above and beyond than just functioning as a physical airport, Changi Airport offers a myriad of comforts and unforgettable experiences for travellers. From spacious halls to plush chairs, every aspect of airport design and functionality puts people at its core. It is this attention to detail that fascinated Wanlun and motivated her to apply for a scholarship with CAG.

“As a student, I visited the airport frequently to study with friends, watching planes take off and finding comfort in the tranquillity offered by the environment,” recounts Wanlun. “CAG’s attention to even the smallest details to improve passenger experience inspired me to want to join the team that shapes the gateway to Singapore for visitors from around the world.”

Chen Wanlun

Chen Wanlun 
Undergraduate, CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Bachelor of Science in Economics
London School of Economics
Master of Arts in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
Columbia University

“The diverse opportunities allow scholars to explore our interests among different aspects of the airport, with the organisation paying attention to our personal development in the process.”

Wanlun’s sentiments are echoed by Clarence who shares that his department and the organisation move steadfastly with the times to cater to new demands and preferences. For example, the airport handles more than 100,000 bags daily, an extraordinary feat achieved through the strategic use of technology. “The aviation industry is a fast moving one as our passengers’ expectations continue to evolve. There is never a dull day in CAG,” he adds.

The Best Workplace

Ranked by Randstad as the Most Attractive Employer in 2016 and 2018, CAG prides itself as a leader in cultivating, harnessing and retaining talent. Offering diverse career development prospects, CAG grooms its people, putting them in positions to succeed. “CAG invests in developing its people,” shares Clarence. “It is a company where ideas are valued and there is a strong start-up culture where people are given opportunities and resources to develop and see through their ideas.”

For Wanlun, she has had opportunities to intern at CAG during the school holidays. The internships helped her to develop both personally and professionally, for which she is grateful for. She says, “My internships with various CAG divisions granted me the opportunity to gain more industry knowledge and professional experience. I witnessed first-hand how airlines and freight-forwarders operated in a particular South East Asian market, completing a short stint overseas even before formally starting work. Through encounters with the local stakeholders, I gained much insight into the varying industries in the market, understanding the way they interact on an international level.”

In High Demand

With a sterling reputation as an employer of choice, it comes as no surprise that CAG’s scholarships are amongst the most sought-after by students. These scholarships offer one of the shortest bonds, as well as offering opportunities to pursue an international education.

“The chance to study across three continents – the UK, Japan and US for my undergraduate studies, summer school and postgraduate studies respectively – helped me to gain valuable insight into various cultures, economies and business structures,” says Wanlun. “CAG also supported my pursuit of a Master’s degree, allowing me to further my skills in data science and analytical techniques.”

Clarence Chng Kai Hui

Clarence Chng Kai Hui 
Assistant Manager,
Airport Operations Planning & Airside
CAG Mid-Term Scholar
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

“The diverse opportunities allow scholars to explore our interests among different aspects of the airport, with the organisation paying attention to our personal development in the process.”

Wanlun also added that the various divisions in CAG provide scholars with a wide spectrum of pathways to further their career. She says, “The diverse opportunities allow scholars to explore our interests among different aspects of the airport, with the organisation paying attention to our personal development in the process. The people I have worked with during my internships have always been approachable and often more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I believe that these opportunities and the peoplecenteredness of the organisation are what draw people to apply for the CAG scholarship.”

Taking up the Challenge

When asked what can scholars expect working in CAG, Wanlun says, “Given the ever-evolving nature of the aviation industry in Singapore, it is essential to be equipped with the skills to anticipate challenges, while maintaining an open mind to changes and potential directions of development. Young scholars may contribute fresh ideas and perspectives gathered via overseas exposure, from observing and analysing how other cities function and manage their industries, to learning from both their successes and failures.”

Clarence concurs, remarking, “Changi Airport is a well-loved Singaporean icon. Working at CAG is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a fast-growing and dynamic industry. You will be able to make a difference in the lives of the millions of passengers who use the airport each year. Expect opportunities to develop new initiatives that would contribute to the continued success of Changi Airport.”