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The Singapore Army brings out the best in its people, because we need these people to be at their finest when it comes to defending Singapore’s sovereignty, people and way of life. Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Vicky Wang Xiaoqing knows that for a fact. Since taking up the SAF Merit Scholarship, she has become far more than she thought possible of herself. She has had numerous opportunities to challenge herself and effect positive change at every milestone of her journey in The Singapore Army.

Driven by Purpose

First drawn to The Singapore Army by the camaraderie that is unique to the Army, Vicky quickly learnt that being part of The Singapore Army encompasses much more than feeling good as part of a close-knit family. The career is first and foremost a calling, one that centres on making a real difference. That strength of purpose, to Vicky, has always been the driving force pushing her onward.

“If you are considering a career with the Army, give it a shot,” she encourages passionately. “Being a soldier is one of the noblest and bravest things one can do. It calls for personal strength of character, fortitude and a lot of courage. At the same time, you will never face challenges alone. From completing missions to planning policies, you will be working alongside like-minded comrades-in-arms who share the conviction to serve our nation to the fullest.”

Developing into a Leader

Vicky also shares how The Singapore Army empowers individuals with the best academic and professional opportunities to excel.

Her own scholarship experience saw her pursuing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA, and a Masters in International Security from Massey University in New Zealand. The educational support she received – coupled with the many professional courses and training opportunities her Army career provides – helped her mature and grow as an individual, and put her in good stead in her command roles as a leader in the field.

LTC Vicky Wang Xiaoqing

LTC Vicky Wang Xiaoqing 
Recipient of The SAF Merit Scholarship
Head Personnel Development Branch, G1 Army

“Being a soldier is one of the noblest, bravest things one can do; you are what stands between the enemy and your loved ones.”

“The best part of the job is the opportunity to lead and command. It’s like no other and found nowhere else. As a leader, you are responsible for the mission of the unit, its operational readiness, and the well-being of your soldiers. With the oath you take as a commander, whatever happens or doesn’t happen, is under your charge.”

Making Waves

With that solemn recognition of the responsibilities she bears, Vicky is inspired to continually push boundaries. Previously, as the Commanding Officer of the 10 C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence) Battalion, she led over a hundred soldiers in supporting The Singapore Army across a range of operations, including high-profile national events such as the National Day Parade.

Apart from leading her battalion for operations, Vicky also made waves with her unit on water. Upon taking command of the battalion, Vicky led the 10 C4I dragon boat team to win the demanding Army Dragon Boat Regatta for two successive years, which is especially commendable considering the team had no prior rowing experience. “Ultimately, it is about bringing out the best in our people,” she shares. “Nothing is impossible, as long as we can give our people a shared vision, a common sense of purpose and train hard for it.”

Exceeding Expectations

Reflecting back on her journey from scholar to soldier, Vicky says everyone becomes more in The Singapore Army, regardless of gender or anything else.

“My parents would never have thought it possible, if you spoke to them when I first joined The Singapore Army, that their girl would grow up to complete 72-km navigation exercises, fire machine guns, take on the elements for outfield training overseas, or lead a battalion.

“The Singapore Army has taught me that I can be more and do more than I can ever imagine. As a mother of two boys now, I feel an even deeper sense of purpose in what I do in uniform. After I read bedtime stories to my boys at night, I feel satisfied knowing that I am playing an active role in giving them a safe and secure home to grow up in.”