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A “Starter Pack” for New Jobseekers

Thu, 11/19/2020 Zhou Mei An
A “Starter Pack” for New Jobseekers

New jobseekers and fresh graduates sometimes have no idea where to start with all the resources, news, help and advice available. If this sounds like you, we have a “starter pack” of sites you should check out to guide your next steps.


Remember, you don’t have to check out every single one of these websites or attend every talk, but together this list should present a good variety of information about what opportunity is available today.


  1. BrightMinds


The BrightMinds portal and magazine are a great window into all things job-related. Starting on your first permanent job search can be scary and overwhelming, so BrightMinds was created to ease this transition. We recommend starting with the BrightMinds magazine to get an overview of each industry and its offerings, before using the portal to search around for a posting that interests you. If you find something that catches your eye, go ahead and apply for it on that same portal!

2. BrightSparks


The BrightSparks portal is your gateway to all things scholarship-related, and learning opportunities abound. There are many different scholarships available for different degrees (and post-graduate studies as well), so shop a bit amongst the different sponsorship offerings! You may also wish to check out the BrightSparks magazine for a more in-depth look at what scholarships entail.


  1. SGUnited Traineeships Programme


Part of government efforts to employ fresh graduates, over 1,000 organisations are offering some 11,000 traineeships under the SGUnited Traineeships Programme. It aims to let graduates acquire valuable industry-relevant experience, develop skills and expand their professional networks, giving them a firmer foothold in the job market once the economy recovers from the pandemic.


Also, there is a possibility of conversion to a permanent position, depending on the trainee’s performance and the company’s agreement. In the current climate where hiring is falling, a traineeship is a good place to start gaining the relevant skills.


  1. Virtual Career Fairs


As mentioned above, career fairs have gone virtual. In place of booths and goodie bags, we have videoconference sessions and online Q & A. However, the base idea remains the same where various employers will be open to answer questions and accept applications.


  1. SkillsFuture


SkillsFuture does not provide and job opportunities, but it does host lectures and workshops that will broaden your understanding.  This makes it another good place to start if you’re looking to up your industry game. Besides the broad range of courses available (that you can use your SkillsFuture credit to offset), it also has a comprehensive Good Reads section that highlights new possibilities in various industries.


As we’ve mentioned before, this list is by no means comprehensive. Job searching also involves significant self-reflection and industry knowledge, neither of which any of these websites will give you. However, looking through them will get you a good picture of what the hiring market looks like and what steps you want to take.


We wish all fresh graduates and job seekers a fruitful jobsearch that ends in a job!


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