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Privacy Notice

Notice about Personal Data Processing

By completing the registration form and submitting your application to participate in the event “Brightsparks Fair”, you provide to the company with the name “KARIERA GROUP SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.” (hereinafter KARIERA”) certain of your Personal Data [as defined in Part 1/section 2 (Interpretation) of Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (hereinafter the “PDPA”) and specified below]. Your data is submitted electronically via the online platform “RingCentral” (hereinafter the “Platform”) that it is used for the event. The Platform is licensed to Kariera by the company “smartEvents GmbH” (hereinafter the “Provider”) being an official reseller of the Platform. This Privacy Notice describes how KARIERA processes the Personal Data that you disclose in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable legislation (including but not limited to the PDPA).

Data Controller: KARIERA

We disclose or provide access to the Personal Data that you submit via the registration form:
  1. to data intermediaries (including but not limited to the Provider and Singapore AWS) that may process personal data on behalf of KARIERA and are subject to the PDPA (including the Protection, Retention Limitation and Data Breach Notification Obligations as defined under the PDPA) and/or
  2. to the Universities, Scholarship Providers or other sponsors/exhibitors (jointly as the “Exhibitors”) that participate in the event and use the Smart Scanning Pass service, as such Exhibitors are indicated with a special marking in the information brochure that will be given to you upon your arrival at the event.

The Smart Scanning Pass service enables the Exhibitors to receive your CV immediately in electronic form, if - during your visit to their stand - you allow them to scan your entrance pass to the event. Each of the Exhibitors participating in the event acts as an independent organization (data controller) of your Personal Data that we share with them if you choose to use the Smart Scanning Pass service or of those additional data that you may choose to share with them during or after the event. Εach Exhibitor applies their own data protection policy regarding:
  1. the Personal Data that KARIERA discloses to them via the Smart Scanning Pass service as per the above, as well as
  2. the additional Personal Data (if any) that you may choose to disclose them during or after the event.

We disclose your Personal Data as per the above when and where this:
  1. is reasonably necessary for your registration, the processing of your application and/or for the conduct of the event you signed up (including your networking/communication with the Exhibitors via the Smart Scanning Pass service), and/or
  2. is required by the applicable law.

Country of data transfer/storage: Your Personal Data is stored in Singapore. In the event of any overseas transfer of personal data, because of engaging (as data intermediary) a cloud service or other provider, will be done in accordance with the requirements under the PDPA.

Personal data we collect (when you register or during the event) and for which purpose:
When you register for the event, we collect the following data which is necessary for submitting and processing your application, as well as for participating in the event:
  • Your full name, email, mobile phone number, nationality, name of the school you attended, graduation year.
  • Your email and username for the creation of your personal account (only if you choose to create an account at Brightsparks Portal). You will get a temporary password and after your first login at Brightsparks Portal you will have to reset your password.
  • Other information and data (e.g. information about your education, work experience etc.) included in your CV.

During the event, some student and parents’ interviews might take place. It is deemed that you and/or your parents provide their consent to Personal Data (including image and voice) processing when you and/or your parents choose to give an interview during the event to one of our employees or contractors.

Your Personal Data are collected by KARIERA for the following reasons:
  • For the registration and management of the user account at Brightsparks Portal (only if you choose to create such account).
  • For your networking/communication with the Exhibitors via the Smart Scanning Pass service and matching your CV with current internships or work experience programmes of the Exhibitors that perhaps are relevant to the education and/or interests that you have provided in your CV.
  • For customer care communication and updates regarding how/when the event will take place.
  • For lucky draws, give aways or similar promotional actions that might take place during the event.
  • For sending marketing materials and in general for direct promotion of KARIERA’s similar events/services via email and/or text message (via whatsapp or similar platform), only if you consent to receive all or some of the aforementioned promotional messages.
  • For promotion of the event or similar events via social media and/or tik tok by KARIERA and/or Kariera Group of Companies, only if you and/or your parents give an interview during the event as per the above.

Consent for the use of your Personal Data:
We rely on your consent in accordance with the PDPA and the applicable legislation in order to process:
  1. your Personal Data in the context of the event and in accordance with the applicable law, since it is reasonably required in order to provide you with our services as if you do not provide to us with the information requested in the application, we will not be able to process your participation and contact you regarding in the event, nor will you be able to use the Smart Scanning Pass service when you approach an Exhibitor’s stand,
  2. your email and/or mobile phone number, after the event ends, if you consent to receive from KARIERA newsletters and/or text messages (as applicable) regarding the promotion of similar events/services,
  3. your email and username, after the end of the event, if you indicate that you wish KARIERA to register and create an account for you on Brightsparks portal (https://brightsparks.com.sg/) and
  4. the videorecording of your interview and/or your parents’ interview for promotion of the event and/or similar events/services.

You may withdraw at any time your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data by contacting KARIERA, unless such disclosure is required or authorized without your consent under the PDPA or the applicable law (for example if the photograph or video is already publicly available).

How long we retain your personal data:
We retain:
  1. your Personal Data (with the exception of your email), only for the period of time that is reasonably necessary to carry out the event and we ensure that it is deleted from KARIERA’s systems and the platform/systems of data intermediaries (if any) no later than ninety (90) days from the completion of the event,
  2. your email, until you unsubscribe from KARIERA’s newsletters,
  3. your phone number until you unsubscribe from KARIERA’s text messages,
  4. if you register and create an account on Brightsparks portal, your Personal Data is kept in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the portal, until you withdraw your consent (e.g. by deleting your account and/or the additional information you choose to fill in your account),
  5. your and/or your parents’ videorecording until consent is withdrawn, or
  6. as long as required or permitted under the applicable legislation.

Your rights in relation to the personal data we collect:
You retain the rights described in detail in the PDPA and the applicable legislation, including the right of access and withdrawal of consent.

For the purpose of the event KARIERA does not knowingly collect information from students/minors who are under the age of 16, if you are under the age of 16, you are not authorized to submit your application and participate at the event without the consent of parents or other legal guardian.

Contact Information:
Address: KARIERA GROUP SINGAPORE PTE. LTD., 50 Scotts Road #03-01C Singapore 228242
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +65 6778-5288
If you have any inquiries regarding how your personal data is processed by KARIERA, you may also contact our DPO ([email protected]).
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