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Scholarly Analysis

We look into the benefits of getting a scholarship.

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Choosing a Scholarship

Apart from financial support and bond period, what else do you need to consider?

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Highlight Feature

Find out what a Changi Airport Group Scholarship can offer!

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Editor's Note

Adapt or Die

In the weeks leading to the production of this magazine, my team and I had several discussions with our stakeholders. We wanted to freshen up our pages and made some tweaks to the photography brief. After putting together some, in our opinion, well-thought-out plans, we were raring to go!

So April came, and PM Lee broke the news (and our hearts) of the Circuit Breaker. But as they say, the show must go on.

As you flip through the pages, you’ll notice that the interviewees have contributed most of the photos in this issue. A majority of them were taken while they were on holiday, which was somewhat ironic given the global travel ban as a result of the pandemic. We also had to conduct all the interviews via email or Zoom.

It was a struggle at times, especially when it comes to coordination. But in the end, we managed to get the magazine printed, in a timely fashion no less. We adapted to the situation, and I’m glad that everything worked out alright.

Indeed, adaptability will be an essential trait for professionals in the post-Covid world. Routines, the work environment and social practices will be changed. You probably won’t die if you fail to adapt to the new normal, but you’ll be losing out for sure.

The stakes are even higher for scholars, largely because of the greater expectations. But, I have a feeling they’ll be fine. Scholars are typically made to go beyond their comfort zone via job rotations and multiple job assignments.

Through our interviews, they embrace ambiguity. Most definitely, that’s a good thing, new normal or not.

Ong Cheow Eng


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