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Scholarly Analysis

You know you want a scholarship! But do you know why you want it? Let’s lay down some groundwork as to what makes this such a coveted award.
Scholarly Analysis

Benefits of a Scholarship Include:

Local Scholars

  • Tuition and compulsory fees
  • Annual and other allowances e.g. books, computer
  • Dormitory fees (if applicable)

Overseas Scholars

  • Tuition and compulsory fees
  • Overseas maintenance and other allowances e.g. books, computer
  • Return airfare your school fees, travel expenses

1. The Financial Help

Given the cost of education, these are incredible savings. Check out the table below for an estimate of the cost for various universities.

Est. course fee for 2020 intake (in SGD)

While local students will be automatically subsidised by the MOE Tuition Grant, the cost of a university education is still a large sum. For overseas scholars, the cost can be even greater. Fees at top-ranked Australian universities, for reference, can come up to:

Est. course fee (based on three-year course, in SGD)

On top of that is the cost of living, estimated at around $18,000 per year for international students studying in Australia.

Under a scholarship, however, these costs can be almost entirely deferred.

2. A Great Beginning to Higher Education

Make no mistake that a scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

You will receive not only full payment for an (expensive) university education, but also special invitations to internships, programmes and courses open only to scholars like yourself.

Because your university education will be sponsored, the sky’s the limit! You can take what courses fascinate you and go on whatever adventures catch your interest, without having to count your pennies or think twice about the cost.

That said, scholars are under strict supervision, so this is not a sign that you can go wild. Most (if not all) scholarship boards will require you to maintain an excellent academic record during your time at university, and failing to achieve the requisite Grade Point Average (GPA) might result in the scholarship provider terminating your scholarship.

3. Scholarships Present Unique Opportunities

Taking up a scholarship shouldn’t be about the prestige attached to the name or the huge monetary savings, education-wise. These are what make scholarships appear attractive, but ultimately, the greatest gain you get from a scholarship is the chance to pursue your passion with all your heart.

Your decision on whether or not to embark on a scholarship journey should be based on how much of a good fit you feel you are for your future job and sponsoring organisation. It helps immensely if you possess a genuine passion or interest – you’ll need it to sustain you when the time comes to serve your bond.

In that case, the scholarship is a way to fast-track the process of turning a passion into a career, and all the fulfilment that comes with that. Scholars have unique opportunities to learn and discover, as your sponsoring organisation will arrange for seminars, internships and job rotations to broaden your world.

4. A World-Class Education

Going to university can be about getting a degree – a piece of paper that says you are capable of certain things – or it can be about gaining and education – a whole new level of intelligence, excitement, and knowledge infused into your life.

As a scholar, you will not miss out on the interesting and eye-opening experiences that await you in university. Indeed, given the sponsoring organisation’s support, there will probably be more opportunities than you know what to do with!

However, the high grades that sponsoring organisations demand of their scholars can lead to difficult choices. For example, you may feel ‘forced’ to sacrifice your interest in a more challenging subject for another that will get you a higher grade. Are you going to sign up for a fascinating subject with a professor who is notorious for awarding grades no higher than a ‘B’, or take up a module you have no interest in but which promises an easy ‘A’?

5. Job Security and a Career Path to Success

One of the biggest advantages to a scholarship is that a scholar has a job immediately upon graduation, with a company or ministry he or she is already familiar with. Not only that, employment is likely to be at the management-level, and opportunities for career advancement abound.

Unlike others who may have to work for a few years in beginner-level jobs to get a leg up in the industry, you will be well-placed from the moment you graduate. Your career path will also be secure, saving you worry, concern, and writing job applications.


At the end of the day, a scholarship is definitely something to shoot for – a chance of a lifetime to adventure and learn as never before. However, it is advisable to also be aware of various unforeseen consequences such as the time investment of the bond and performance expectations.

A scholarship is a long commitment that will take you down roads that you may never have anticipated. As a scholar, take responsibility for your decisions and understand that you – and only you – are fully responsible for your decisions and your life.