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Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Merit Scholar Lieutenant (LTA) Jordan Martin Millar shares more about his roles as a Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) pilot.

Constantly striving to enhance its operational capabilities, the RSAF not only invests in hardware such as technologically advanced fighter jets and weapon systems, but also in “heartware”—its people.

Learning to fly solo even before obtaining a driver’s license, LTA Jordan is no stranger to the thrills that an RSAF career can bring. He joined the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) at a young age, and remembers being “captivated” by the fighter aircraft in the aerial displays at the RSAF Open House in 2011. His interactions with the RSAF pilots and personnel influenced his decision to join the RSAF.

“I saw the SAF as an exciting opportunity and realised that joining the organisation meant a career that would always be challenging and demanding. You are surrounded with a very select and professional group of people who are committed to safeguarding the nation. I knew it would not be an easy task but challenging myself is something I always enjoy, plus the fact that you can break the sound barrier on a daily basis,” he shares.

A Dynamic and Challenging Path

LTA Jordan is presently studying Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London. He elaborates, “I am always learning new and complex concepts. Being in the RSAF, I will find myself encountering dynamic situations that require critical thinking and analysis. Studying this course has taught me how to look for alternative solutions to problems and find the best way to solve them. This same thought process can very well be applied to my future roles.”

Although still an undergraduate, LTA Jordan has already attended flight training overseas in countries like Australia and Canada. He highlights the NATO Flying Training in Canada as the most exhilarating and memorable experience he has had on his journey thus far.

“Flying in Canada allowed me to experience the harshness of winter. I remember some days when the temperatures would dip to as low as -30 °C and even as low as -40 °C with wind chill. It was very memorable as the low temperature introduced new variables and factors to be taken into consideration,” LTA Jordan recalls.

A career with the RSAF has also served as a powerful impetus for LTA Jordan’s personal development into a confident leader. He elaborates, “Being an officer means you are constantly being placed in positions of influence. It will instinctively motivate you to do your very best, train harder and always strive to be better.”

Jordan Martin Millar

LTA Jordan Martin Millar 

SAF Merit Scholar

“One of the most humbling things I have learnt is service before self.”

A Close-knit and Committed Force

LTA Jordan has discovered more about himself, such as his desire to serve the nation and defend Singapore’s security. He says with conviction, “One of the most humbling things I have learnt is service before self. Having enlisted in the SAF, I was introduced to the SAF core values as a young recruit. As my training progressed, I began to assimilate these core values to my work and my life. The higher purpose that comes with this career is that you are defending the nation and your loved ones.”

The commitment to serve is also evident throughout the organisation. Committed to a common purpose and goal, the men and women of the RSAF strive to overcome adversity with courage and fortitude. “There is a very strong esprit de corps that is forged between every serviceman and woman in the organisation,” shares LTA Jordan. “This is a special bond that is formed between everyone and this translates to more than just a working relationship. You will feel responsible, on a personal level, to look out for your fellow friend and colleague.”

LTA Jordan leaves this advice for aspiring students looking to launch a fulfilling career, “If you are looking for a very challenging, exciting and rewarding career, I would highly recommend joining the SAF. You will be exposed to great responsibilities and opportunities for you to hone your abilities.”