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The Sky’s the Limit

Changi Airport Group
Well-known for its excellence in service and reliability, Changi Airport has earned its acclaim from air travellers around the world. Two scholars tell us more about their remarkable experience as part of Changi Airport Group (CAG).

Changi Airport is a modern marvel of exceptional operational efficiency, boasting an experience beyond compare for its passengers. With first-class services and unrivalled capabilities, Changi Airport is Singapore’s long-standing pride and joy in aviation.

Proud to join the stellar team that manages the airport are CAG Mid-Term Scholar, Aaron Wong, and CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar, Neo Kai Ling. They take us behind the scenes to tell us more about being part of the CAG family.

The Company to Beat

Since it started operations in the 1980s, Changi Airport has received over 530 World’s Best Airport awards. To Aaron, the honour of being part of such a prestigious organisation is what ultimately helped him make his decision to apply for a scholarship with CAG.

He enthuses, “The opportunity to join and learn from the very best made for a very attractive career proposition!”

Beyond being a world-class airport, CAG is also the employer of choice in Singapore. Performing outstandingly in areas such as employee training, job security, and working atmosphere, it is no surprise that CAG has ranked first for the HRM Awards in 2017 and Randstad Award in 2016.

It is this sterling reputation that has drawn Kai Ling to CAG. “I wanted to be part of a company that allows me to grow. I knew that I would have a diverse range of job functions that will allow me to build experience and knowledge in various business areas at CAG. I have also heard from seniors about the family-like culture in CAG, and that strongly appeals to me. Most importantly, CAG’s people-centred aim to create meaningful and delightful experiences for their passengers strongly resonates with me,” she shares.

Neo Kai Ling

Neo Kai Ling 

CAG Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Bachelor of Science in Economics
London School of Economics

“Most importantly, CAG’s people-centred aim to create meaningful and delightful experiences for their passengers strongly resonates with me.”

The Preferred Scholarship

Amongst ‘A’ Level and IB graduates, the CAG Scholarship has consistently ranked as the number one bonded scholarship of choice from 2014 to 2016. A world of opportunities await those who manage to earn a scholarship with CAG.

In Kai Ling’s opinion, it is CAG’s sincerity that makes it stand out from other scholarship providers. She tells us, “They truly care about the well-being and development of their scholars, and they are supportive of us attending programmes that will develop us holistically.”

Elaborating on her line of thought, Kai Ling tells us about the two internships she has done with CAG. “Interns are attached to a buddy. This buddy helps integrate the intern into the team and make them feel welcomed and included. Interns also work on projects alongside the team, providing plenty of opportunities for them to learn the ropes. Through the internship, I have forged close ties with my future colleagues, and also gained a better understanding of the business. In addition, I was given the opportunity to challenge myself and work on projects. I felt that CAG’s internship programme is well-planned and fruitful. Not only does it give you a flavour of how work is like in CAG, it also challenges and inspires you to contribute meaningfully.”

Aaron Wong Shi Jun

Aaron Wong Shi Jun 
CAG Mid-Term Scholar

Senior Associate, Development Operations (T4 ORAT)

“The opportunity to join and learn from the very best made for a very attractive career proposition!”

As a Mid-Term Scholar, Aaron made the decision to join CAG in his second year of university. “Like many others, I was unsure of the kind of career I wanted to pursue. At SMU, we had a mandatory internship requirement as part of our undergraduate curriculum. I started research on prospective companies, and that was when I came across the CAG Talent Internship Programme (TIP). The rest, as they say, is history!” he exclaims.

While he began his scholarship journey later than others, he did not feel like he missed out at all. Under TIP, Aaron was given unique opportunities that aided in his personal development. He tells us, “I interned with the Airside Concessions Division, where I was tasked with a review of the division’s existing retail marketing and communication strategies. Together with other interns from my batch, I had the opportunity to organise a networking session with members of CAG’s Senior Management, as well as a CSR project with NorthLight School. With so many different projects and responsibilities I have been given under my internship, I can truly say it was a meaningful and enriching experience.”

Words of Wisdom

When asked if they had any advice for aspiring CAG scholars, Kai Ling has the following to say, “A CAG scholar should be adaptable. Given the dynamic nature of work in CAG, it is essential that one is able to learn quickly and transform these insights into action. Lastly, for one to be a good fit to CAG, one has to be a good team player - given the family-like work culture at CAG.”

Aaron adds, “Be humble and open to new learning opportunities. This will allow for new perspectives that would aid in personal development, as well as new insights into business problems that could potentially help CAG along in its quest for excellence at Changi Airport.”