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A Sense of Purpose

Central Provident Fund Board
The Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board provides an essential service to all Singaporeans by helping them fulfil their retirement, healthcare, and housing needs. Two scholars from the organisation tell us more about the meaningful work that they do.

Playing a major role in helping Singaporeans enjoy a secure retirement through lifelong income, healthcare financing, and home financing, CPF Board has been an inseparable and vital part of our lives.

Working behind the scenes to ensure that we can all live comfortably in our golden years and meet the financial needs of other major events in life are the people at the CPF Board, such as Josiah Chia and Joelyn Koh. Both recipients of the CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraduate Scholarship, they have joined the organisation in the hope of bettering the lives of their fellow countrymen. We hear from them and learn more about their fulfilling work journeys at the CPF Board.

What made you apply for the CPF Board Scholarship?

Josiah Chia: I felt that CPF Board could enable me to have a meaningful career in public service. I was particularly drawn to the synonymy CPF Board had with every major milestone in the lives of Singaporeans – from buying a house, paying for healthcare expenses, to preparing for retirement. Few agencies in public service provide such a diverse range of opportunities for learning and development. I was confident that becoming a part of CPF Board could provide me with a work experience that was challenging and multi-faceted.

Joelyn Koh: Before I started university, I had a temporary job at an accounting firm. The long working hours and amount of office politics shocked me, so I knew that was not the life I wanted. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to learn more about CPF Board through a career fair. In contrast to my previous work experience, CPF Board just felt like it would provide the right amount of work life balance along with a friendly working environment.

Josiah Chia Jun Kit

Josiah Chia Jun Kit 
CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraduate Scholar

Senior Manager
Healthcare Projects Office

"Few agencies in public service provide such a diverse range of opportunities for learning and development."

Tell us more about your role at CPF Board.

Josiah: In my four years with CPF Board, I have worked in the Policy Department, and went on secondment to the Ministry of Manpower before returning to join CPF Board’s Healthcare Projects Office. I have had the opportunity to work on policies that affect a wide array of issues such as retirement, housing, and self-employment.

What I find most fulfilling about my role is knowing that I am contributing towards a larger effort to assist CPF Board members at every major point in life – be it building up retirement savings, buying a first home, or paying for healthcare expenses. I am heartened that the work I do can improve the quality of life for our members.

Joelyn: The Customer Contact Centre comprises the CPF Board call centres and the correspondence unit. Aligned with the Board’s core value of “Focus on Customers”, my team focuses on the planning and implementation of initiatives which will help the Board to provide better and more efficient service to our members. I find my role meaningful, as I can see how the initiatives have benefitted CPF members by improving their service experiences.

Joelyn Koh Siang Ting

Joelyn Koh Siang Ting 
CPF Board Mid-Term Local Undergraduate Scholar

Customer Contact Centre

"I find my role meaningful, as I can see how the initiatives have benefitted CPF members by improving their service experiences."

Give us an idea of the culture at CPF Board.

Josiah: CPF Board is like a family with a nurturing and supportive culture. Officers are encouraged to be proactive and voice their opinions, rather than simply following instructions. When mistakes are made, the focus is always to learn how to avoid repeating the error, rather than penalising those at fault.

I will be taking on a supervisory role in the near future, so I hope to be able to create an open and nurturing environment just like the one I experienced for my team. CPF Board, being a large organisation, is made up of people from all walks of life. We may not always agree on everything, but a team can only perform effectively by respecting each member’s views and learning from one another.

Joelyn: My department has an open and supportive culture. Whenever I need help, I can always count on my colleagues to support me. My bosses also provide clear guidance and mentorship. As a straightforward person myself, I liked how my superiors would give me very honest feedback instead of beating about the bush. This approach really helps me to improve on my work.

Any advice for those thinking of applying for the CPF Board Scholarship?

Josiah: Being a CPF Board scholar has given me new insights on how government policies are designed and implemented, and helped me to develop both professionally and personally. Consider the CPF Board Scholarship if you are looking for a challenging and meaningful career in public service. My advice to prospective applicants would be to think about what you have to offer to the organisation, and how you want to make a difference in the lives of Singaporeans as part of the CPF Board.

Joelyn: Speak with an officer working in CPF Board and find out more about what goes on in here and what working here is like. If what you hear is in line with your strengths and interests, just apply. Read up on CPF Board, be yourself, and ace the interview. All the best!