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Spearheading Industrial and Infrastructure Growth in Singapore

Supporting a huge range of industry clusters, JTC offers its employees opportunities to get involved in industries related to aerospace, marine, clean technology, biomedical, chemicals, electronics, infocomm, media, and many other industries.

Since its formation in 1968, JTC has played a key role in Singapore’s industrial development throughout most of the country’s history. Never afraid of innovation, JTC has made great leaps forward in evolving the nation’s industrial infrastructure.

Those who choose to pursue a career with JTC will find a bountiful experience full of learning opportunities ahead of them. Covering a wide range of industry clusters, JTC’s portfolio is thorough and comprehensive. “Wherever they see a need, JTC is there to play its part in growth and development. Jurong Rock Caverns, CleanTech Park, LaunchPad @ one-north, Seletar Aerospace Park, and countless other landmark projects all owe their existence to the efforts of JTC.

With all that JTC is responsible for, the possibilities are simply endless should you choose to join the organisation. Whether your specialty lies in Engineering, Real Estate, Geography, or Architecture, there is a place for you at JTC. We speak to JTC full-term scholar Rebecca Chew, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, to find out more about her role in JTC.

Tell us about the scholarship opportunities you received.

Rebecca Chew: I have always been fascinated by the interplay of physics, chemistry, and mathematics – specifically how they are applied in various fields such as chemicals manufacturing, the harnessing of clean energy and pharmaceutical design. This motivated me to pursue my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering which gave me good exposure to and strong understanding of the chemical and energy industry.

During my first internship at JTC, I joined the Chemicals Department and performed meaningful analytics on industrial space usage and projection of demand for the space. In my second internship, I joined the Biomedical Department and studied the supply chain of biologics, as well as assessed the risks involved in biologics manufacturing.

Coupled with my chemical engineering background, my experience in JTC further sparked my interest to pursue a master’s programme in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Through this programme, I was able to pick up useful skills to benefit my work in JTC and build my digital research capabilities through courses in optimisation analytics along with risk modelling and simulation.

Rebecca Chew

Rebecca Chew 
JTC Full-Term Scholar

Assistant Manager
Energy Department (Energy & Chemicals Cluster)

“I am enthused to be involved in JTC’s work that contributes and makes a difference to our economy and industries.”

Tell us about your role today at JTC.

Rebecca: Today, I work as an industry development officer back at the Energy and Chemicals division that I had first interned with in JTC. I work closely with petrochemical and process companies on their land and infrastructure needs. This involves extensive cross-functional group discussions with colleagues from the land planning, project management, and engineering departments.

I am drawn to the work that takes place behind the scenes that support and shape Singapore’s economic development. With my knowledge in chemical and industrial engineering, I am enthused to be involved in JTC’s work that contributes and makes a difference to our economy and industries.

How does JTC show support to scholars and officers who wish to develop themselves?

Rebecca: As a new officer, the amount of new processes and technical terms to be learnt can be challenging. But thankfully, all of my colleagues have been helpful in providing me with guidance, showing me the way whenever I appear to be overwhelmed.

I am also particularly appreciative of the Foundation Programme (FP) that all JTC fresh hires go through. The FP is a six-week on boarding programme which helps new officers better understand JTC’s strategic goals, nature of business, and operations. It also equips new hires with personal effectiveness skills to prepare them for work in JTC. What was particularly helpful was the introduction to the various departments in JTC and the work that we do through lectures, dialogue sessions, and site visits.

Furthermore, the camaraderie and friendships forged during the FP helped immensely in my transition from a student to a working professional. It was nice to know that as I was going through this new phase in life, there were other people going through the same thing as well.

Lastly, JTC also supports its staff by encouraging us to attend industry courses to continuously upgrade our skills and knowledge. JTC is all about furthering the development of Singapore’s economy, and there is no better way to do it than through improving the standards of the people working for the agency first after all.

What advice would you have for those exploring their scholarship options?

Rebecca: Sign up for internships at a variety of places. At the different internship stints, make the effort to mingle with people, understand their challenges, and learn what keeps them driven. Take the time to figure out your own motivations and what your long term plans are before making any commitments.

What else do you look forward to in your career with JTC?

Rebecca: JTC provides many job rotation opportunities for its staff, so I cannot wait to be able to take advantage of that in the future in order to broaden my work experience.

Overall, I also look forward to learning more about the needs of our industries and how JTC, together with other agencies, can collaborate and manage the needs of our industrialists.