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Charting New Territories

Singapore Maritime Foundation – MaritimeOne Scholarships
Known as the top maritime centre in the world according to the Leading Maritime Capitals of the World 2017 report by Menon Economics, Singapore remains a key port-of-call for many nations around the globe.

Today, almost 90% of global trade is carried out by sea transport. The maritime industry is a huge, vibrant part of Singapore’s economy with sectors that include port, shipping, maritime services, offshore and marine engineering. Responding to the importance of this industry, in 2004, the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) was established to forge strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, and continually grow the local talent pool.

To achieve this, SMF and its partners endeavour to identify new scholarships, maritime-related courses and initiatives through MaritimeONE (Maritime Outreach NEtwork). An example includes the MartitimeONE Scholarship Programme which supports talented individuals from across 24 degree and four diploma courses.

Two of these outstanding individuals, Jasper Lee and Nur Hazirah Binte Jimani are sponsored by PSA Corporation Ltd and LCH Lockton Pte Ltd respectively. They share how the scholarship has helped them venture into new and exciting territory with the promise of a bright future.

Jasper Lee

Jasper Lee 
MaritimeONE Scholarship with PSA
PSA—MaritimeONE Scholar


Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)
National University of Singapore

“The importance of the maritime industry in Singapore’s growth as a vibrant economy was what drew me to the sector.”

What drew you to the Maritime sector?

Jasper Lee: The importance of the maritime industry in Singapore’s growth as a vibrant economy was what drew me to the sector. As the very first MaritimeONE scholar to come from a computing background, I am convinced that PSA presents a sea of opportunities for technology professionals to develop cutting-edge innovations. I look forward to joining and contributing to this dynamic and forward-looking team come July 2017.

I am also excited to contribute to SMF’s profiling initiatives in creating awareness amongst the general public, and do my part to promote Singapore as an International Maritime Centre.

Nur Hazirah Binte Jimani: I found some interesting brochures and websites on the maritime industry and decided to find out more about the course that was offered in NTU. The more I researched, the more interested I got! I had no background in maritime and was worried that I would be at a huge disadvantage. Nonetheless, I decided to enrol in the course anyway. I figured that not knowing a lot about the industry meant that I had the most to gain!

How has this scholarship brought you closer to your future goals?

Jasper: Being a PSA-MaritimeONE scholar, I was given the opportunity to participate in challenging projects that help sharpen my technical skills and knowledge. During my internship, I was tasked to evaluate, design and implement pragmatic solutions to elevate the maturity of security monitoring operations using automation.

With dedicated guidance and mentoring throughout the internship, I enjoyed working alongside the best professionals in the industry and gained a better understanding of the business operations at PSA.

Hazirah: My main goal is to constantly learn new things and improve myself. As a MaritimeONE scholar, SMF invites us to learning journeys where we get to experience new projects and activities. My school also hosts various maritime workshops and seminars, so we get a fair bit of exposure to the wider network of the maritime industry.

Nur Hazirah Binte Jimani

Nur Hazirah Binte Jimani 
MaritimeONE Scholarship with LCH Lockton Pte Ltd, LCH — MaritimeONE Scholar


Bachelor Science (Hons) in Maritime Studies
Nanyang Technological University

“If I had decided to be stuck on pursuing a business course, I would have missed out on the many opportunities which the maritime industry offers.”

What characteristics do you feel are important to succeed in the maritime industry?

Jasper: First and foremost, one must possess an agile and open mind to succeed in the maritime industry. The maritime industry is constantly evolving, implementing class-leading infrastructure and developing the latest port innovations. Major trends like automation and digitalisation have reshaped the industry and more disruptions are expected to come our way. As such, one must continuously learn and adapt to remain competitive and relevant.

Hazirah: Not being afraid to try or fail. If I had decided to be stuck on pursuing a business course, I would have missed out on the many opportunities which the maritime industry offers. For instance, the opportunity to travel to Norway and Spain for my language immersion programme! Trying out new things and persevering would certainly make work and life a lot more fulfilling.

What advice would you have for those considering to apply for the MaritimeONE Scholarship?

Jasper: Seek out opportunities for internships or speak to someone from the industry so that you can make an informed decision. Read widely and keep abreast of current industry trends and developments. Ultimately, you must be passionate about contributing to Singapore’s vision as a future-ready maritime hub!

Hazirah: A scholarship may be a difficult commitment to keep, but the benefits you gain far outweigh the disadvantages. So, go for it! You will not regret meeting new people from SMF, getting a good head start and introduction to the maritime industry, as well as making new friends.