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Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
ST Engineering is committed to providing innovative solutions to commercial and defence organisations worldwide. Its expertise and global resources have allowed it to be one of the most established names in the engineering industry.

W ith advanced engineering capabilities, ST Engineering builds customised and innovative engineering solutions for customers in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine industries. These customers from commercial and defence organisations in over 100 countries tap on ST Engineering’s global network of over 100 subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide.

ST Engineering is not an organisation to rest on its laurels despite having achieved considerable influence in international markets. It seeks to gain new partnerships and acquisitions to build on its extensive network, as well as deepen its existing presence in its chosen markets. Those who join ST Engineering will receive the opportunity to be a part of this enterprising global conglomerate – one that is always looking to deliver sustainable value to stakeholders for the long term.

Nicholas Yap Jiunn Ter, 	ST Engineering Overseas Scholar

Nicholas Yap Jiunn Ter
ST Engineering Overseas Scholar


“As ST Engineering is at the forefront of engineering, the types of projects one would be involved in would be diverse and challenging.”

Two individuals are a part of this integrated engineering group. They are ST Engineering Overseas Scholar Nicholas Yap and SgIS Scholar Chua Xin Pei. Nicholas chose ST Engineering because of its involvement in a wide variety of engineering projects, which he knew would present him with many unique development opportunities. For Xin Pei, the SgIS Scholar chose ST Engineering as her sponsoring organisation because of its repute as one of Asia’s largest defence and engineering groups and one of Singapore’s strategic sectors. “I saw the organisation as a great place for me to apply what I have learnt in school to the engineering industry, and a place to build upon my technical knowledge,” Xin Pei shares.

Satisfying their Interests

Today, both Nicholas and Xin Pei are fulfilling their dynamic roles as Engineers in the organisation. Nicholas conducts R&D to develop innovative solutions for the Intelligent Transport Systems industry. His responsibilities range from conceptualisation, design and prototyping, to customer engagement and collaboration with various research institutions.

He tells us that his roles satiate his childhood interests in science and problem-solving. “When I was younger, I enjoyed taking toys and old items apart to see how the various components come together to form a functional device,” shares the inquisitive individual. Today, he relishes the multitude of opportunities he has had to tackle complex projects at work, which include a Smart Nation Test Bed project. He tells us of this unique project, saying, “Together with our partners, we were able to engage various stakeholders to conduct a proof-of-concept testing, which was well-received.” ST Engineering not only provides a multitude of exciting engineering projects – there are also opportunities for overseas stints which involves participation in various projects and exhibitions. These are where Nicholas gets to experience working with partners, colleagues and customers in different business environments.

As for Xin Pei, her current role is to conduct visual examinations, acceptance and rejection tests on samples, and evaluation of results for clients. These clients are primarily from the oil & gas and aerospace industries.

As with Nicholas, Xin Pei’s younger days also ignited her interest for her current engineering role. She tells us, “During my final year in polytechnic, I undertook a project that incorporated nanoclay and linalool – an extract from basil plant – to polypropylene, in order to form a packaging material that extends the shelf life of consumable goods. This was when I realised that understanding the properties of different materials and utilising their synergistic properties would enable us to solve problems in our everyday life.”

A Holistic Undergraduate Experience

With the support of ST Engineering, both Nicholas and Xin Pei managed to soak up holistic and enriching undergraduate experiences before joining the organisation. Nicholas pursued a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, both in the US. He tells us, “Studying overseas has been a very fulfilling experience. Besides being able to travel and live independently, I interacted with many people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This has certainly broadened my view of the world.”

He also completed an internship with the organisation, where he worked alongside a programme manager and was tasked to manage the ruggedisation of a component of an overall solution. “Through my internship, I came to understand what an engineering project was like in a commercial setting. I also learned that hard work, perseverance, and communication with a great team are essential to the success of any project,” Nicholas muses.

Chua Xin Pei

Chua Xin Pei
SgIS Scholar with ST Engineering Ltd


“I saw the organisation as a great place for me to apply what I have learnt in school to the engineering industry, and a place to build upon my technical knowledge.”

For Xin Pei, even though she pursued the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Engineering) locally at Nanyang Technological University, she had opportunities to attend summer studies at Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University. While she was there, she travelled around Korea, enjoyed authentic Korean cuisine and immersed herself in the Korean culture. She also worked in a multicultural, multidisciplinary and multileveled marketing team to establish a product and market it to the class. “Besides gaining general knowledge from this class, it also pushed me to express my opinions without the fear of being judged,” she shares.

Her internship was one that would remain etched in her memory. As an intern, she was tasked to analyse the operating principles of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery to determine variable interrelationships, and investigate methods to improve power output efficiency of the system. She was also chairperson during ‘Material Exposition Week’, during which she led a team of 14 committee members in planning and executing events, competitions and workshops for the week-long event. “By working with different types of people in the committee, I understood how other departments operate, and more importantly how I can complement them to achieve the best outcome for the company,” Xin Pei says.

Qualities of an Engineer

In order for engineers to excel at work, it takes more than just ingenuity and the perseverance to see through complex projects. Nicholas and Xin Pei contribute their own take on the qualities needed for those who wish to follow their footsteps.

“It is important to possess courage and innovativeness. Innovativeness will push research boundaries and drive development. We also need courage to communicate our varied ideas, in order to improve or create new working methods,” says Xin Pei.

Nicholas agrees, adding that engineers must be infused with the ‘never-say-die’ spirit. He concludes, “As ST Engineering is at the forefront of engineering, the types of projects one would be involved in would be diverse and challenging. These qualities highlighted by Xin Pei and I are extremely important as we work towards delivering innovative and effective solutions.”