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Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
Vital in ensuring the effectiveness of Singapore’s air transport infrastructure, CAAS plays an important role in extending our country’s links to the rest of the world.

W ith the mission of maintaining a safe, vibrant air hub and civil aviation system, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) provides essential air navigation services and maintains safety oversight of the aviation industry. Its stellar contributions have allowed it to acquire some of the most established international awards – such as the ‘Best Air Navigation Services Provider of the Year’ presented by the International Air Transport Association.

To fulfil its mission, CAAS is always on the lookout for exceptional individuals who can rise to the challenge of maintaining its exceptional standards – people with a passion for the aviation industry, a relentless thirst for innovation, and a fervent desire for self-improvement.

25-year-old CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar See Yi En Marc is a perfect example of what the organisation is looking for. We speak to him to learn more about the exciting opportunities that await aspiring CAAS scholars.

A Taste for Aviation

For Marc, the road that he wanted to take in life was clear as day. “I always had a deep appreciation for science and technology, and in particular, the profound impacts these disciplines have had on human society. Combined with my keen interest in aviation, it felt natural to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering,” he tells us confidently.

See Yi En Marc

See Yi En Marc
CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholar

Deputy Manager (Standardisation & Planning)

“Given Singapore’s vision to be the aviation hub of choice in the region, you will also be making a key contribution to the nation’s success on a truly international platform.”

When it came to choosing a scholarship, his determination did not falter one bit. He states, “Aviation is my passion, so I was keen on pursuing a career in it. I was also looking for a scholarship which could offer me plenty of opportunities for learning and development in a wide variety of fields.

“The CAAS Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship presented itself as an excellent fit for my interests and aspirations. Given CAAS’ diverse range of roles ranging from aviation safety regulation to international contribution and engagement, there really was no contest.”

Endless Quest for Excellence

After obtaining a Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, Marc started work at CAAS as a Deputy Manager in the Standardisation & Planning section within the Airworthiness and Flight Operations (A/FO) Division.

“My division is responsible for the oversight of safety in Singapore’s aviation industry. As a member of the Standardisation & Planning section, my role is to develop and drive strategies to enhance our work processes and coordinate implementation of initiatives across sections. For example, I am tasked to review and improve the division’s audit methodologies, standardise our surveillance tools and taxonomy, as well as implement quality assurance programmes to maintain performance standards,” he explains.

As with all forms of work, Marc’s career comes with its own challenges. He says, “The nature of work can be quite technical at times, and this presents a steep learning curve to fresh entrants to the aviation industry. There is also the need to carefully balance the interests of the various stakeholders involved when making any policy decisions, which can be very challenging.”

Exemplifying the spirit of a CAAS scholar, Marc is able to rise above these challenges and overcome various difficulties he faces in his job. He proudly states, “I keep up with the latest aviation developments, including those beyond my scope of work, to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the aviation landscape. I strive to keep myself eager to learn and receptive to criticism. It definitely helps that my colleagues are always more than willing to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences with me, for which I am extremely grateful.”

Endless Horizons

With CAAS playing an integral role in the development of the air hub, aspiring scholars can look forward to numerous opportunities in shaping the local aviation scene. “Given Singapore’s vision to be the aviation hub of choice in the region, you will also be making a key contribution to the nation’s success on a truly international platform,” Marc claims.

The growth and development of the air hub and local aviation industry are not the only things that CAAS places emphasis on. The dynamic organisation also invests in the grooming of its officers to ensure that they reach their full potential, providing them with ample opportunities to continually expand their skillsets and broaden their horizons.

“Officers are regularly given the chance to rotate among the various divisions. This provides staff with invaluable exposure and experience in the different functions and roles of the organisation, encouraging continuous learning and development in the process. Officers can even be seconded to our parent Ministry (Ministry of Transport) or other Statutory Boards, where they could delve into a different field, but in similar policy-making functions,” Marc elaborates.

Rounding off the interview, Marc heartily recommends taking up a scholarship with CAAS to students, saying, “There is never a dull moment in the aviation sector – it is defined by its position at the forefront of technology and its constant evolution, making it one of the most exciting fields to work in. For those who are undaunted by the potentially steep learning curve and the demands of a fast-paced environment, you will find fulfilment in a career with CAAS.”