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As Asia’s leading communications group, the Singtel Group offers a range of services in areas as diverse as television, mobile, infocomms technology and digital solutions. With a combined reach of over 575 million mobile customers across Asia, Australia and Africa, it is breaking down barriers to communication across the region.

C ommunication is the fabric of modern society. As the leading telecommunications group in Asia, the Singtel Group is at the forefront of growth and advancement in the region. The Group is in the business of helping people and businesses communicate, and is continually seeking to eliminate the barriers of distance, price, time and technology to make communication easier and more efficient.

In order to do this, the Group has three different business units to align itself more effectively with the rapid developments in the consumer, enterprise and digital spaces. It aims to provide consumers with next-generation technologies and services, offer robust ICT solutions for enterprises, and drive innovation in the digital space.

But to do all that, the Singtel Group needs a dynamic and agile workforce that shares its values of excellence and customer focus. Through initiatives like the Management Associate Programme (MAP), the Singtel Undergraduate Scholarship (UGS), and the SHINE Internship, Singtel aims to identify and nurture the best talents from today’s youth. Singtel employees are poised to play key roles in shaping the development of the telecommunications industry in Singapore and Asia, and the Singtel Group works to provide them with every resource they need to succeed.

We speak to Er Young Yee, a Singtel Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholar, to find out how Singtel is preparing him to make his mark in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry.

Exploring New Opportunities

Young Yee is currently pursuing a double degree in Business and Computing at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), but he is already looking forward to the day when he will join Singtel. However, his decision to take up the Singtel Mid-Term UGS was not made lightly. “I believe it is easier to make a more informed choice after a year or two at university. I have a clearer sense of my own aptitude and interest in an industry as a university student compared to the time when I was a fresh JC graduate. With access to career talks, fairs, and advice from seniors and peers, I was able to properly think over my decision and feel more confident about my choice,” he tells us.

Young Yee was drawn to Singtel because of its role as a leading player in the local and regional telecommunications industry. He shares, “As a consumer, I’ve always been interested in mobile communication and its power to connect people and places. The breadth of Singtel’s businesses and its ability to capitalise on the growing prominence of digital technology, big data, and cloud computing also appealed to me.

“I felt that a career in Singtel would really give me many opportunities to explore new and exciting areas such as cloud and cyber security.”

Er Young Yee, Singtel Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholar

Er Young Yee
Singtel Mid-Term Undergraduate Scholar

“I could see the tenacity, passion, and focus on excellence as I observed how the company strategises to stay ahead of the curve and pursue new areas of growth.”

But even though his career in Singtel has yet to begin, Young Yee has already gained key experiences that will help him ease into his job later on. He shares, “I interned in the Strategy and Planning department of Group Enterprise. My main duties were to prepare presentation materials for the CEO of Group Enterprise, and I also had to assist with internal communications to the staff.

“When I first started, I did not realise the importance of tailoring my presentation materials to the needs of the audience. Fortunately, my mentor guided me on how best to fine-tune my presentation materials more appropriately!”

Despite the challenges, the internship stint gave Young Yee a more in-depth understanding of Singtel’s business and organisational culture, and he feels confident that it will help him in his future role in Singtel.

Unwavering Support

Singtel supports its scholars with more than just internships, and it constantly makes an effort to foster strong bonds among its scholars. Young Yee tells us, “Singtel holds regular tea sessions for scholars to connect with one another, allowing us to network and bond across various functions. Furthermore, my supervisor was very supportive and shared his knowledge with a greenhorn like me, which really helped me to learn on the job during my internship.”

Through all the warmth and support he has experienced, Young Yee also managed to gain a glimpse of the tenacious spirit at the heart of Singtel’s culture. Singtel’s employees are exceedingly driven and motivated, something that Young Yee identifies with.

He shares, “One core value that resonated with me was Singtel’s Challenger Spirit. I could see the tenacity, passion, and focus on excellence as I observed how the company strategises to stay ahead of the curve and pursue new areas of growth. It certainly is not one to rest on its laurels despite its strong presence in the telecommunications industry!

“On top of that, I also witnessed first-hand the strong culture of collaboration and teamwork among colleagues. This will no doubt be important in Singtel’s push to remain as a leader in the industry!”

Young Yee also tells us about the opportunities he was given to attend self-development talks and workshops offered to Singtel employees. “I appreciate Singtel’s willingness to invest in my professional growth and development even before I become a full-time employee,” he says earnestly.

In Pursuit of New Experiences

Having experienced the best of what Singtel has to offer, Young Yee is more than happy to share some parting words of advice for aspiring Singtel Undergraduate Scholars. “My advice would be to actively pick up new skills and knowledge, especially in areas you are passionate about. Don’t limit yourself and focus only on getting the best grades in school.

“Much of the value that you gain in a university education comes from extra-curricular activities you take part in, as well as the connections you establish during your undergraduate years!” It’s not every day that you hear a scholar tell you that grades aren’t everything, and it is precisely this willingness to explore outside the box and learn new skills that Singtel is looking for.