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Singapore Power
Singapore Power (SP) is one of Singapore’s largest corporations, providing electricity and gas transmission, distribution, and market support services to over 1.4 million customers in Singapore.

S ingapore Power plays a vital role in powering the nation, providing energy to all of Singapore and keeping our city running. In fact, SP’s electricity grid is rated as one of the best performing networks globally by international benchmark indicators, earning its reputation as a leading, reliable energy utility company in Asia Pacific.

Helping to keep the system running smoothly are SP Scholars Edwin Loke and Seah Yong Soon. We speak to them to find out more about their careers with the organisation.

Why did you choose to take up a scholarship with SP?

Edwin Loke: When I was looking for a scholarship, SP caught my attention as one of the few companies that offered an extensive training and development programme for engineering graduates. They had the Engineering Development for GraduatEs (EDGE) programme, which provides a structured training programme and job rotation opportunities. This focus on development attracted me to apply for and subsequently accept the scholarship from SP.

Seah Yong Soon: The power sector is a challenging industry that runs on a very unique business model. In the past decade, many businesses have changed course to an “asset-light” model, favouring this defensive investment strategy for its flexibility and risk diversification. On the other hand, SP’s model emphasises on building up our balance sheet through intensive asset growth and acquisition. Our business model presents huge potential for further innovation and commercialisation and I want to play a part in its progress.

Seah Yong Soon

Seah Yong Soon
Singapore Power Undergraduate Scholar

Assistant Manager, Group Accounts, Finance, SP Ltd

“SP is an organisation that is committed to investing in its people. There’s a full spectrum of structured learning programmes designed to maximise your potential.”

Tell us a bit about your job.

Edwin: As a project engineer, my responsibility is to ensure that the projects I handle are delivered on time and within budget. In order to do so, I have to liaise and coordinate with the consultants and contractors who are engaged for the projects.

There is no typical day in project management. Every day is different, but typically the day would involve all types of meetings – project progress, safety committee, technical and coordination and so on. Besides these meetings, I also do site inspections to monitor the progress of the projects.

Yong Soon: I first joined SP as an Accountant with the Group Financial Planning & Analysis team. In this role, I performed financial analysis on the group’s financial performances and translated the complex financial data into useful information for management decision-making. In addition, I also had the opportunity to be exposed to our Australian subsidiaries’ operations and culture through work exchange stints which were two to six weeks long.

In my current role with the Group Accounts team, I ensure that our accounting and tax documents are prepared in accordance with statutory reporting standards. I explore complex accounting rules, study changes to accounting standards, and provide guidance to subsidiaries on statutory accounting matters.

Edwin Loke Jian Ping

Edwin Loke Jian Ping
Singapore Power Undergraduate Scholar

Engineer, Gas Transmission Projects,
Network Development, Gas Ops,
SP PowerGrid

“If you’re looking for a job that is dynamic and challenging, then come to SP!”

How has SP helped with your personal and professional development?

Edwin: The EDGE programme is essential to my development as an engineer. I was able to apply what I’ve learnt to actual project scenarios when I was on my first job posting as a Project Engineer in the Gas Transmission Projects Section. I also gained insight into many aspects of being an Engineer through the numerous training courses which included the Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) and in-house SP Training Institute’s courses.

The chance to attain the Professional Engineer (PE) certification at the end of the programme is also something which I look forward to and find very unique about the SP EDGE programme. Not many companies would invest so much money on fresh graduates like us.

Yong Soon: SP provides us with more than just a corporate experience. There are many activities here that provides for a well-rounded development. For example, I was part of the organising committee for the annual 2015 SP Charity Golf Event. There, I learnt how the committee coordinated a large-scale event, from budgeting and logistics to transportation and task delegation. Opportunities like this provide valuable lessons that accelerate your personal development, and this is something you can’t quite get in the office setting alone.

Any closing words for aspiring SP scholars?

Edwin: If you’re looking for a job that is dynamic and challenging, then come to SP! Also, always remember to stay grounded and humble. Take the opportunity to learn as much as you can from your seniors.

Yong Soon: SP is an organisation that is committed to investing in its people. There’s a full spectrum of structured learning programmes designed to maximise your potential. If you’re willing to embrace challenge, SP is the perfect place for you.

Lastly, no matter where you might be or whichever field you go into, please continue to have passion and compassion. Be relentless in your pursuit for excellence but never forget to offer a helping hand to the person next to you.