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Things to Prepare for When Applying for Scholarships

Fri, 03/04/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
Things to Prepare for When Applying for Scholarships Tasks that are remotely administrative are burdensome - we get it. As much as BrightSparks is a convenient, hassle-free way to make scholarship applications, the process is not as quick as, say, purchasing clothes online.

You actually need about a good 30 minutes in front of your computer to upload all the prerequisite documents. The good news is that you only need to undergo this process once. Get over the step of uploading your documents onto a form, and you can proceed to apply for multiple scholarships with that one form seamlessly.

So what exactly do you need when you apply for scholarships? We've broken them down for you in this article, so don't be alarmed at the amount of information required of you when you do start to apply!

1. An Understanding of your Scholarship Provider

This is not exactly a tangible thing, but a good understanding of the scholarship provider will make a difference in the way you approach your scholarship essays. Understand the values that the organisation believes in and promotes, and try to align your aspirations with it. This will help you convey messages in your essays that are most in line with the organisation's beliefs.

2. Your Full Profile

Your full profile includes personal information of yourself such as:
  • Your personal particulars
  • Your family's particulars
  • Your National Service information (for the gentlemen)
  • Your education details - these include your GCE 'N' / 'O' Level (or equivalent) grades, GCE 'A' Level, IB, ACT, Diploma, NITEC / Higher NITEC (or equivalent) grades, and tertiary grades if you are a university undergraduate or graduate
  • Your TOEFL, SAT 1 & 2, GMAT or GRE date of sitting, test centre and score (if applicable)
  • An indication of your language proficiency
3. Your Full Scholarship Resume

For your scholarship resume, be sure to prepare information such as:
  • CCA records
  • Awards, Achievements, and Prizes
  • Any non-academic qualifications or certifications
  • Employment and internship experiences
  • University admission status (if applicable), and entitlement of other grants
  • Information of character referees
4. Your Photo

We've seen headshot images that were uploaded upside down, images that only fit one-ninth of the frame, and images that were too dark and blurry for a clear face view. Be sure not to make these mistakes - you would not want your scholarship providers to think of you as muddleheaded and careless! Go down to a proper store to get a professional image of you taken, and ensure you keep your hair kept and tidy.

5. Other Supporting Documents

These supporting documents include a scanned copy of your NRIC, your testimonials, any particular certificates that would support your case, as well as your scholarship essay (to be prepared according to the requirements of your scholarship provider).

We understand the application process might seem tedious now, but a little effort goes a long way. Be sure to give yourself ample time to upload your documents onto the BrightSparks portal, for you don't want to end up in a frenzy when the application deadline draws near.

We wish you all the best in your scholarship application!

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