How to Prepare Yourself for the BrightSparks Fair

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How to Prepare Yourself for the BrightSparks Fair

Tue, 10/13/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
How to Prepare Yourself for the BrightSparks Fair If you're an aspiring scholar, the BrightSparks Scholarship and Higher Education (HE) Fair should most definitely not be missed. Interacting with your preferred scholarship providers has never been easier and more straightforward. It also beats wondering restlessly what these providers look for in a scholar, and scrambling to match yourself to these uncertainties.

Furthermore, your attendance alone is testament to your desire for a scholarship. The fact that you've made the BrightSparks Fair a priority reflects your resolution to work towards your goal. But being at the fair unprepared is worse than not being there at all – so be sure to do these things on the days leading up to the fair!

Pre-Register for the Fair

A successful pre-registration secures your participation at the fair. It is also a prerequisite for registering to attend seminars conducted by various scholarship and HE providers. These speakers would give you an overview of their popular scholarships/courses as well as those you have yet to discover, and expand your realm of knowledge considerably. Their key pointers would also be useful to make a stellar impression at your future scholarship interview!

Do Your Research

Obtain a list of exhibitors who will be present at the fair. This will help you plan your time at the fair wisely and highlight the exhibitors you wish to talk to first. Not only does this make you feel more organised, it also ensures you optimise most of your energy on the exhibitors that matter most.

But with that said, don't restrict yourself to your targeted scholarship and HE providers. This fair is, after all, a good opportunity and place to explore all your scholarship and HE options freely.

Prepare the Right Questions

Since you've already made the effort to be at the fair, let your time there be more than just making trips from booth to booth. Ask the exhibitors questions – but only smart questions.

For instance, don't ask scholarship providers questions such as "What does your organisation do?" This will make you seem unlearned and like someone who needs to be constantly spoon-fed. The rule of thumb is to not ask questions you can find on the internet.

Instead, ask questions such as "What do you look for in a scholar?" or "What new developments can scholars look forward to in your organisation?" Asking thought-provoking questions such as these would mark you as an eager and earnest individual.

Dress Appropriately

The scholarship providers present might end up becoming your employers, so put effort into your grooming. It is better to err on the side of caution and overdress instead of underdress. For your outfit, you can't go wrong with neutral and polished shades such as black, grey or blue. Putting yourself neatly together reflects your respect for the party with whom you will be interacting, as well as the pride you take in doing the small things right.

Make the Most of Your Time

Last but not least, bring along a notebook and a pen. These would be useful to take down key pointers in the various booths and seminars. You would also be able to flip through your notebook's pages as you wait around booths – the last thing you'd want is to appear impatient and bored before the exhibitors.

With all that said, the BrightSparks team hopes to see all of you at the fair. Start making the necessary preparations today and look forward to a fruitful time there!
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