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The Fresh Faces of Engineering

Mon, 01/19/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
The Fresh Faces of Engineering When ST Engineering scholar David Ng met an alumnus during his summer job at Nanyang Technological University, he did not foresee that this alumnus would eventually become an invaluable mentor.

David quips, “I realised that he was equally passionate about engineering as I was when describing the broad ST Engineering Group to me, which combines the ST Aerospace, ST Electronics, ST Land Systems and ST Marine corporations.

“My conversation with him certainly sparked my interest to apply for the ST Engineering Scholarship! Since then, he has been my mentor at work. He did not just help me with understanding the technicalities of my work – he taught me how to cultivate my ‘soft’ skills and how to be a more effective communicator. He has also shared with me many life experiences, for which I will always be grateful.”

Assembling a Vision

David, who enjoyed playing with LEGO bricks as a child, has come a long way and is now an Engineer at ST Kinetics where he is currently helping to develop an entirely new armoured platform from scratch for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

He shares, “My work involves plenty of integration. It can be quite challenging to assimilate many different systems into one platform – the different teams have to take note of many configurational issues in electrical and mechanical systems. On top of that, we have to consider crew operations, safety and comfort when designing the platform.”

David speaks highly about the experience that prospective scholars can gain when they choose to embark on a journey in ST Engineering. He shares, “Not many companies in Singapore will give you the opportunity to build an entire vehicle from scratch, an endeavour that will take many years and lots of perseverance and determination.

“With the diverse range of sectors under ST Engineering, you are sure to find something to pursue here that aligns well with your personal interests. With the right attitude and invaluable support and guidance from mentors, you will certainly be able to enjoy a fulfilling career with ST Engineering!”

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