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The Prodigy of Radiography

Mon, 02/02/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
The Prodigy of Radiography As a Diagnostic Radiographer, Hong Wei Liang specialises in carrying out Computed Tomography (CT) scans on patients who have been referred to him by their doctors. “Many people assume that Diagnostic Radiographers are exposed to considerable radiation emitted from X-rays or CT scans, thus increasing our risk of developing cancer. I too had that perception in the beginning!” Wei Liang reveals.

He is quick to dispel the misconception, adding, “In reality, the equipment and testing room is routinely and exhaustively tested for any radiation leakage. We also wear personal dosimeters to measure the accumulated radiation dose we receive. Diagnostic radiographers are also not present in the scanning room when the scan is active – we observe patients behind the safety of a lead-lined glass panel in the control room.”

Gaining Practical Experience

Wei Liang pursued his Master of Science (Computed Tomography) at Ireland’s University College Dublin under the benefits of his healthcare scholarship. While he was there, he broadened his knowledge about Europe and immersed himself in the English culture without having to worry about his tuition fees.

His attachment to the Hermitage Medical Clinic also contributed to the practical experience he gained in Ireland. He shares, “It opened my eyes to many different perspectives. The importance of patient communication was emphasised greatly in Ireland and this has inspired me to bring the same patient-centric approach back to my work today.”

A Meaningful Career

Wei Liang’s work requires him to collaborate with clinical physicians and other allied health professionals at the Singapore General Hospital to identify medical conditions and diseases. His job is crucial because he reviews scan data for any life-threatening condition such as pulmonary embolism or ascertain if a tumour is malignant with the right scan protocol.

He adds, “I ensure that I minimise patients’ discomfort and give clear instructions for them to adhere to when they are in the CT scanner. After-care instructions are also essential for their recovery and which I make sure to provide. It is really gratifying when patients appreciate my work for them.”
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