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Unrivalled Opportunities in Sport Science

Mon, 01/19/2015 Koh Wanzi
Unrivalled Opportunities in Sport Science Sport Singapore works to develop Singapore’s sporting capabilities, promote greater sporting opportunities and access, and help Singaporeans live a better life through sport. Driven by their passion for sport, Sport Singapore scholars are given the best exposure and opportunities to hone their skills and enable them to contribute to Singapore’s sporting scene.

Unrivalled Opportunities in Sport Science

Sport has played a huge part in the lives of Singapore Sport Science and Technology scholars Ang Sin Hwee and Nathanael Ong. Both of them are avid athletes who believe that sport is a catalyst to build strong bonds among people from different walks of life. Sport does not distinguish between different backgrounds or socioeconomic statuses, allowing it to build bridges between and within communities and making them more resilient in the process.

The Singapore Sport Science and Technology Scholarship enables Sin Hwee and Nathanael to tap into their passion in productive ways, providing them with the tools and opportunities to take on key roles in Singapore’s sporting scene. Sin Hwee concurs, “I have gained so much from sport and I really wanted to give back to the sporting scene. The Sport Singapore scholarship gives me the best opportunity to develop Singapore’s sporting ecosystem and bring our athletes to greater heights!”

[blurb] Cutting-Edge Science

Nathanael works with a multi-disciplinary team of sports scientists to implement evidence-based psychological techniques that enhance athlete performance. The National University of Singapore Psychology graduate speaks of his excitement at being able to learn from experts across the different areas in sport science. He elaborates, “I am attached to the Sports Psychology department at the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) and am employing the latest technology in psychological assessment such as Thought Technology’s Pro Comp biofeedback system and the Vienna Test System.”

On Sin Hwee’s end, her work with Singapore’s elite athletes is based on the detailed science of nutrition. She shares, “I tailor the athletes’ nutritional requirements in accordance with their trainings, competitions and individual profiles. I also observe their training sessions to understand the exact intensity and duration in order to make the best recommendations!”

Eye-Opening Experiences

Now an Associate Sport Dietician, Sin Hwee excitedly recalls her time at the University of Sydney, where she pursued a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) under the Sport Singapore scholarship. She shares, “I was attached to an oncology dietician at the Royal Northshore Hospital in Sydney in my Honours year, where I provided nutritional support to throat cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy. It was a chance for me to gain clinical experience and allowed me to be part of the rewarding process of patient rehabilitation and recovery.

“I also did an internship at the Sports Nutrition Department at SSI during my summer holidays, where I was able to familiarise myself with the responsibilities of a Sports Dietician. I also observed athlete testing conducted by the physiology team, allowing me to see how the different sport science disciplines work together to enhance athlete performance.”

Nathanael is also brimming with insights into how the Sport Singapore scholarship has provided him with unique opportunities that help him learn and motivate him to work harder. He explains, “I attended the SSI Sports Symposium where I interacted with regional and global leaders in sport science and technology. The symposium speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and I saw how advanced countries such as China and Japan are in sporting knowledge and infrastructure. It inspired me to work even harder to help Singapore catch up with these Asian powerhouses!”
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