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Guardian of Our Skies

Mon, 01/19/2015 Deanna Bonaparte
Guardian of Our Skies For many young boys, piloting a military aircraft is a dream and fiery ambition. But MAJ Lynn Lee is proof positive that even young girls can be drawn to military aviation. The Staff Officer at HQ RSAF is also a pilot of the Gulfstream G550-Airborne Early Warning (G550-AEW) which has a detection range that allows the RSAF to see farther and respond more effectively to aerial threats in various operational situations.

She elaborates, “When I was growing up, I was fascinated with aircraft and the prospect of piloting a complex piece of equipment. Working in the RSAF has allowed me to fly for a greater purpose, and there is no better way to combine both ‘excitement’ and ‘meaning’ than flying with the RSAF.”

Shaping Character

Her role as Staff Officer at HQ RSAF comes with its fair share of unique challenges. She develops strategies and reviews policies with staff from various departments to ensure that the organisation remains informed and kept up-to-date.

However, she shares that the most challenging period of her career was her rigorous pilot training. “Pilot training requires hours of pre-flight preparation, quick analytical ability and high levels of discipline. We were placed under stressful situations and were pushed to our limits during each flight!

“I must say the training shapes character, builds confidence and strengthens your resilience – all of which are required for officers to fulfil RSAF’s operations and to keep Singapore’s defence robust and strong,” says the steadfast individual.

A Wider Perspective

MAJ Lee has certainly learnt much throughout her time as an SAF scholar. She elaborates, “My overseas education also broadened my horizons as I saw more of the world through the friends I made and the countries I visited. I also interact with members of the foreign military in the course of my work. All these experiences gave me the opportunity to effectively build my professional network even beyond the shores of Singapore.”

A career with the RSAF allows officers to realise their potential while pursuing a great mission. MAJ Lee shares, “Our dynamic and challenging operations allow you to uncover your potential and stretch your capabilities. These are necessary to fulfil the great mission of safeguarding our nation’s security, stability and sovereignty.”

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