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Picking a Scholarship in the Civil Service

Wed, 06/10/2015 Priya Sunil
Picking a Scholarship in the Civil Service Organisations in the Singapore Civil Service plan and execute policies, working with the Government to shape our nation’s destiny. It is currently the largest employer, with 139,000 officers in 16 Ministries and more than 50 Statutory Boards.

A scholarship in the Civil Service offers you a gateway to plenty of unique opportunities and an extremely rewarding career – one that will allow you to contribute to the well-being of Singapore and her people directly. Aspiring Civil Service scholars should be aware of the path they want to tread. More specifically, these are the Professional Service, Public Administration or Uniformed Service paths.

Three Fulfilling Career Paths

The Professional Service path offers scholarships to individuals with an interest in a specific line of service. For instance, the Ministry of Education (MOE) offers scholarships to those with a passion for educating and empowering others. Likewise, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the Singapore Government Scholarship to individuals keen on influencing Singapore’s foreign policy. Or if your passions lie in the healthcare sector, consider a healthcare scholarship awarded by MOH Holdings (MOHH), which will put you on a career path in any of our six healthcare sectors.

For those who desire to contribute to Singapore’s Defence, they can consider applying for a scholarship that will lead them on to the Uniformed Service path. Aspiring scholars can choose from the range of scholarships conferred by the Ministry of Home Affairs, or by the Ministry of Defence.

But these are only a few scholarships offered in the Civil Service. View the wide range of scholarships in our BrightSparks portal!

Which Suits You Best?

A scholarship is a long-term commitment – thus, aspiring scholars must take time to think through their options before deciding on a scholarship. It is always important to remember that the scholarship you apply for – regardless of whether the sponsoring organisation is in the public or private sector – is something you see yourself committed to for a substantial period of your life.

With that said, do pore over our scholarship table on our BrightSparks e-mag to gain a clearer and broader perspective of the various scholarships and their benefits. All the best in your endeavours and we hope you find a scholarship that greatly aligns with your interests!

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