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Should I Still Participate in CCAs After Securing A Scholarship? Q&A: Should I Still Participate in CCAs Even After Securing a Scholarship?

Question: I have already secured the scholarship of my dreams and I know the journey is going to be rigorous. However, I am still interested in joining a CCA at my University. Is this a practical idea?

Answer: Securing a scholarship does not mean giving up on other aspects of University life. Instead, this is the perfect time for you to work on strengthening your time-management skills.

While you may be too busy juggling internships, academic matters, and other commitments, putting time aside for a CCA is still an important aspect of holistic development as well as ensuring a fulfilling University life.

But in what ways will participating in a CCA during your scholarship journey really be beneficial?

Acquiring Skills and Values

CCAs are not simply a platform for you to pursue your interests. They allow you to hone various ‘soft’ skills and gain values that you can’t learn from any textbook.

For instance, assuming leadership positions in your CCA club will be a great way to sharpen your leadership skills. Having to participate and contribute as a team player in various CCA activities will make you a more assertive and valuable member during team assignments. In fact, it’s a good way to help prepare you for a leadership role in your future career!

Committing to CCA hours and activities also takes discipline – and this is particularly so when your schedule is crazy. This will train you to manage your priorities well. When you gradually become more disciplined, tackling assignments and challenges will be much easier.

Most importantly, participating in CCAs during your scholarship journey builds up your resilience. You will be faced with different challenges, such as rushed assignments and burnt weekends. This will essentially give you a sneak peek into the demands of a full-time career, making you learn how to prioritise and make proper sacrifices now so that you’re prepared for the challenges that working life will bring.

Committing Your Time Wisely

Having said all that, take note that time is key in everything you do. There is no excuse to miss the deadline for your assignments for the sake of your CCA. Be disciplined and learn how to manage your time wisely.

Don’t overcommit on anything. You will find that by doing so, you’re only bringing yourself more stress. Participating in a CCA is supposed to be a means of spending time away from the classroom to enjoy doing something you love while fostering new bonds. It’s supposed to help you take on your studies with renewed vigour, not take away from it. Give some thought about how you can accommodate all the commitments in your life.

Ultimately, having the skills acquired through an enriching CCA together with the experiences gleaned from a fruitful scholarship journey will shape you into an all-rounded individual ready for the working world. So don’t let securing a scholarship stop you from participating in a CCA!

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