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How to Make Your Mark at your Scholarship Interview

Fri, 05/13/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
How to Make Your Mark at your Scholarship Interview The scholarship arena is a highly-competitive playing field. Your scholarship competitors are likely to have achieved remarkable grades, participated in myriad activities, and accumulated leadership experience to boot. You’re struggling to at least be on par with your competition, let alone stand out from them. Fret not – in this write-up, we give you some tips on how to stay within the boxing ring.

Do Your Homework

A lot of applicants go for their scholarship interview unclear about the mission that drives the organisation. In order to appear earnest and confident, it is important to not make this mistake and conduct sufficient research on the company.

Research does not only stop at the “About Us” section of a corporate website – you may also want to look at the organisation’s annual report, or familiarise yourself with any of its recent announcements. You may even choose to sign up for its online newsletter, and read about the things the organisation concerns itself with.

Be Clear About Why You Want the Scholarship

If you are not clear about your reasons for choosing the scholarship, you are not ready for your interview. On top of other more tailored questions, a few general questions scholarship providers might ask include:
  1. What sparked your interest in the scholarship?
  2. How can you contribute to the organisation?
  3. Why should the organisation choose you over your peers?
As you prepare answers for such questions, you also strengthen your resolve for the scholarship.

“Polish Your Shoes.”

You know what they say – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Nothing rings truer when it comes to your scholarship interview! Be sure to dress professionally and portray the neatest version of yourself. Make sure your shirts and blouses are crease-free, your shoes are without dirt and dust, and your fingernails are well-trimmed. While this may seem like obvious measures, you’d be surprised at the number of people who fail to take these into consideration.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one way to indicate your excitement about possibly starting your career there. You may ask about the kind of roles you can take up within the organisation following your undergraduate studies, about the corporate culture, and how scholars are developed to meet their full potential. After all, a curious aspiring scholar is one who is positioned as humble, unafraid to ask, and someone who strives for answers.

Lastly, bring along a notebook and a pen! These are for when you need to jot down some quick scholarship information in the interview room. Taking down notes will also portray you as a willing learner and a teachable future employee. All the best!

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