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Secrets to Choosing Between Multiple Scholarships

Tue, 06/14/2016 Deanna Bonaparte
Secrets to Choosing Between Multiple Scholarships With the range of scholarships available, it is not unusual for one to feel overwhelmed at worst and spoilt for choice at best. We thought that since mid-term scholarship cycles are about to be starting soon, it is an opportune time for us to offer mid-term scholarship applicants some tips on how to choose between multiple scholarships of interest.

Here are some things to do!

Understand Your Career Goals

You probably already have an idea of the kind of work you want to delve into. If you want to empower members of society, organisations such as the National Council of Social Service will give you the means to do so. If you have always felt compelled to shape the industrial development of Singapore, consider a scholarship with JTC! Or if you imagine yourself thriving on companies’ advancement overseas, an organisation like IE Singapore is where you should turn towards.

Sometimes, you might come across a couple of agencies that have ignited your interest and you have to narrow your options down. This is where research is key, which brings us to our next point.

Research, Research, Research

University must have already honed your critical research skills to quite a large degree. When weighing multiple scholarships, tap on those skills to help you facilitate your decision making. Pore over the corporate website and range of social media profiles of the scholarship provider(s) you fancy, and get a feel of their organisational values and culture. For instance, a quick glance at Health Promotion Board’s Facebook page leads us to portray them as a dynamic, innovative organisation!

Based on your personal research, you’d be able to gauge how good of a fit you feel you are for an organisation and whether theirs is a purpose you’d want to serve.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Many, if not all, public sector organisations provide scholars with job rotation opportunities within the organisation, or even secondments to other public sector organisations. This ensures that scholars are not shoe-boxed to one fixed role and are exposed to myriad other functions. On the other hand, the fast-paced nature of private sector organisations requires scholars to pick up things quickly within short periods of time, allowing them to constantly stretch their mind and potential!

In terms of advancement opportunities, also consider the kind of developmental courses you will be enrolled into as an employee, or even opportunities for postgraduate diplomas or degrees. These are some things you can ask the HR personnel when you speak to them and considerations to note when weighing multiple scholarships.

Consider What Others Have Said

Talk to your seniors, teachers, and people you know who are in your organisations of interest, or even from the industry to which these organisations belong. Insights into their work process and challenges might help you make a more informed scholarship decision and narrow your options down even further.

You can even consider what others in the BrightSparks forum have said, or start an entirely new thread altogether. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, and amicable conversations are oftentimes the prelude to that.

Last but not least, the BrightSparks Scholarship Comparison Table will also be a handy tool for you as you weigh your options. Use this to compare up to 20 scholarships at one go, perfect for when you need a broad, clear perspective. We hope you’ve found this article useful. Do stay around to gain more tips and resources from our Get Ahead! article section, or for insights into the stories of successful scholars!

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