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What to Ask the Scholarship Interviewer

Tue, 04/28/2020 Zhou Mei An
What to Ask the Scholarship Interviewer

A scholarship interview, like a job interview and unlike an interrogation, is never one-sided. Your interviewers will definitely make time at the end for your questions as well, so it’s a good time to get your doubts cleared up. 

But if you’re drawing a blank on what to ask, we’ve come up with some good questions that the interviewers will appreciate.


1. What are you looking for in a scholar?

This allows you to compare yourself to those qualities, as well as clear up any mistakes you may have made earlier. You may wish to bring up previous scholars, and ask how they fit as well.


2. How has your organisation evolved over time?

Many sponsoring organisations have changed over time, even getting merged and divided. (For example, AVA is now SFA, and IDA and MDA became IMDA.) Beyond the morphing acronyms, how have the goals and areas of focus developed, and how you can contribute to them? These are good things to find out on a personal level from the interviewer rather than a corporate review.


3. How does your organisation make an impact?

Scholars wish to devote themselves to a worthy cause. It is important to hear from an organisation what their work means to beneficiaries and employees alike. Consider if their motives and mission align with yours.


4. What career track is expected of a scholar?

Sponsoring organisations often have customised career paths for their scholars that normally plan to push them into management or executive roles. While you may have gotten the basic description from external sources, it’s good to confirm exactly what is expected with the interviewers themselves.


5. What are my next steps? Is there anything else I can do?

This question affirms your enthusiasm for the scholarship and shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Perhaps there are some documents to submit or a form to fill out – don’t let such small things end your scholarship dreams!


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