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How To Write A Personal Essay

Mon, 02/26/2018 Wayne K.
How To Write A Personal Essay

Obtaining a scholarship is not easy. With each passing year, scholarship applications get tougher, not only because of the number of students applying, but also because of the competitive nature of it. Personal essays are more than just a document which lists your personal achievements. It is the first and therefore most important impression you are giving to the scholarship board. 

So if you are unsure on how to craft one, here are some tips to bear in mind to include in your personal essay!

Express Yourself Well

Ditch jargons, big words that you could hardly pronounce, long convoluted sentences and monitor the overall tone of your personal essay. You want the scholarship board to understand your essay clearly without having to second-guess your intentions, or get the feel of a McDonald’s commercial. So focus on factual data, answering questions in detail, and giving thought-provoking and intelligent responses. These are the things that will leave a good impression on the scholarship board. 


Showcase Your Passion

Apart from just showing that you are good at the books, be sure to include your personal interests, and activities that you pursue outside of school - volunteering, pursuing a black belt in a martial art or participating in stand-up comedy competitions. While you might think that it is unnecessary, this showcases strengths like all-roundedness and time management which are traits that the scholarship board is also on the lookout for. 

Last but not least, tie these strengths to how it drives you to pursue the specific scholarship you are applying for. For an example, if you volunteer at a retirement home and you are applying for a scholarship with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, speak about how volunteering has changed your perspective on life. Share more on how it has made you realise that you want to pursue a career that has a higher calling and the ability to help those who cannot help themselves. 


Basic Fundamentals

Check, check and then check again. We cannot stress this enough. Ensure that the spelling is perfect, grammar is on point and nuances to certain words or phrases are properly understood and used. While commonly overlooked, this basic and fundamental rule could be the trick that makes or breaks your personal essay.


Good luck with writing your personal essay. We hope that you get the call for the interview you so desire, and may the odds forever be in your favor! By the way, scholarship-centric articles are not the only ones we have, head on over ​here ​ for more.  

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