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3 Ways to Craft an Effective Online Profile and Portfolio

As the scholarship and job markets get more competitive, a solid resume or excellent academic transcripts are no longer easy to depend on to score an interview. This is where a good portfolio and an online presence can set you apart from other applicants. With many platforms and social media sites available for free, creating an online profile and portfolio is easy for anyone to set up. Here are some simple ways to do so.


Create a Detailed, Professional Networking Profile

Firstly, it is important to build up a profile and network with friends and people in various industries to get your name out there. Social networking site LinkedIN is one commonly used platform for this. Take the time to figure out your goals and future career direction and translate this information onto your profile, including your education history, work experience, key skills, and attributes. Be sure to use strong, descriptive words (but not too many) to showcase your abilities and show prospective employers what you can bring to the table. Do remember that simplicity is key – instead of presenting information in chunks, break them down into smaller paragraphs or bullet points to allow people to zero in on important information easily.


Build Your Own Brand

In the midst of creating your profile, it would be good to determine your branding so there is consistency in the way you market yourself and present your information. Find out what defines you – do you have a branding statement? Ensure it remains the same across your site, together with a consistent profile photo. This shows prospective hirers that you are clear in your messaging. More importantly, ensure you also provide appropriate information, so you leave a positive impression.


Showcase Your Work on Your Website

Once you have your profile settled, take the time to create a website to present all the work you have done in school or in previous jobs – a portfolio. This is very effective in giving prospective employers an idea of the quality of work you can provide. Furthermore, especially if you intend to pursue a degree in the creative field, a portfolio is extremely helpful in increasing your chances. Weebly, WordPress and Wix are some of the easiest sites to build your portfolios on – and the best part is, most of its features are free!


Be sure to add a link to your portfolio in your professional profile and vice versa. As soon as you have got both up and running, and as long as your profile is constantly updated, you are well on your way to landing your dream job!

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