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Empowering the Future of Energy

Singapore is home to one of the most reliable electricity and gas networks in the world, serving about 1.6 million customers in the country. As the leading utilities group in the Asia Pacific, SP Group is committed to enabling a low carbon future with its sustainable energy solutions.
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Left: Goh Siak Heng, Eugene manages gas projects in Singapore as an Executive Engineer in SP Group's Projects department. He is a SP Full-Term scholar, and he majored in Mechanical Engineering at NUS.

Right: Goh Sian Ming ensures the operability of the electric network in the northern part of Singapore in his role as Executive Engineer, Electricity Operations in SP Group. He is a recipient of the Energy-Industry Scholarship (EIS), Mid Term, and he holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from NTU.

Singapore enjoys excellent reliability in electricity and gas network performance, ranking top among major cities year after year. Behind this world-class grid performance lies a team of passionate and dedicated engineers, committed to maintaining our network reliability and delivering our suite of sustainable energy solutions including centralised cooling and heating systems for business districts and residential townships, electric vehicle fast charging, solar energy solutions, microgrids, and green digital energy management tools for customers.

Goh Sian Ming is an Executive Engineer with Electricity Operations who ensures that electrical networks are well-maintained and achieving topnotch performance at all times. Goh Siak Heng, Eugene is an Executive Engineer with Gas Network Projects. He manages the gas network expansion and large-scale diversion projects across Singapore.

We spoke with the duo about their work at SP Group (SP), and their aspirations for Singapore’s energy future.

To start, how did both of you get interested in pursuing a career in power engineering?

Sian Ming: It was through the power engineering course in university where I was exposed to the world of electricity! I was especially intrigued by the transmission and distribution of electricity in a power grid.

Eugene: I’ve always had an interest in the energy field, and it led me to take up an an eco-marathon project during my polytechnic days. The project ignited my passion for power distribution and energy efficiency further as I engaged in creative and innovative development discussions with other project teams.

Goh Siak Heng, Eugene

Goh Siak Heng, Eugene

So naturally, the scholarships provided by SP Group appealed to you. What made you accept the scholarship over the others you may have been considering?

Sian Ming: I learned about scholarship opportunities with SP, at a university event. Having interned at SP and been impressed by its unique position as the nation’s sole electrical and gas grid operator, the experience cemented my decision to jumpstart my engineering career with the organisation.

Eugene: SP’s scholarship offered an attractive engineering graduate programme known as the Engineering Development for GraduatEs (EDGE). Through this programme, I obtained an overview of Singapore’s gas distribution network through section tours and received multi-faceted training. These were beneficial in widening and deepening my engineering knowledge. We are also encouraged to take up the highly sought after Professional Engineering (PE) Certification, which is sponsored by the company – I heard that SP has one of the highest numbers of PEs in Singapore!

“Join us if you’re looking for a career in a progressive organisation dedicated in advancing sustainability goals for a greener energy future!” Goh Siak Heng, Eugene

How did SP support your academic experience?

Sian Ming: The monthly allowance provided as part of the scholarship provided financial relief for my family. It allowed me to focus on my studies and not worry about tuition fees. And with close mentorship support from my seniors and colleagues, I could better relate my academic learnings to real-world applications.

Eugene: Apart from financial support, SP also sponsored my six-month student exchange programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. During the stint, I got to share views and engineering experiences with students from different parts of the world. The experience broadened my horizon and maximised my learning during my university life.

Sian Ming, tell us about your role as an Executive Engineer with SP.

Sian Ming: I am currently in the Distribution Network team within Electricity Operations. I oversee the maintenance and operation of the network in the Northern Zone of Singapore and have to respond swiftly to any supply disruptions to uphold our network reliability.

Eugene, what’s your main involvement in the Projects team?

Eugene: My main job scope involves managing gas network expansion projects, providing gas supply to new developments as well as diverting major gas pipes across Singapore. I work closely with stakeholders such as new commercial and residential customers, authorities, and contractors to ensure that work operations are coordinated and carried out in a timely, orderly and safe manner.

Goh Sian Ming

Goh Sian Ming

What has been the most significant achievement at SP so far?

Sian Ming: Being part of the main committee that oversees the implementation and deployment of Smart Substation Access Control system for all 12,000 substations in Singapore, has been an important milestone – for SP and my own personal development. From rolling out multiple cyber security simulations to user acceptance sessions to stress-test the system and conducting physical training for engineering staff, this companywide digitalisation effort is particularly fulfilling as I get the opportunity to work with different departments across SP and gain new experiences outside of my engineering work scope. The enhanced digital capabilities in the new electromechanical key system have improved the speed and efficiency of our response to emergencies.

Eugene: Being part of the Gas Distribution Projects team has been particularly gratifying. Our section consists of a team that looks after gas projects in all parts of Singapore. We can easily work on up to 200 projects in a year. Some long-term projects require months of intense discussions while short-term ones could have compressed deadlines that require tight turnaround. Despite juggling numerous projects, coupled with tight resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to uphold high standards of our gas network reliability.

“Through SP’s efforts to empower the future of energy, I hope we can contribute significantly to the energy industry and help our little red dot keep its shine on the global map and be a leading energy player for other countries.” Goh Sian Ming

What do you hope to achieve in your career with SP?

Sian Ming: Through SP’s efforts in empowering the future of energy, I hope we can contribute significantly to the energy industry and help our little red dot keep its shine on the global map and be a leading energy player for other countries.

Eugene: I believe my work at SP will result in improving the quality of life for the customers we serve and I can be part of the engine behind Singapore’s transition towards a low carbon, smart energy future.

What would you say to convince someone to join SP Group?

Sian Ming: SP Group is constantly evolving and innovating to cater to the needs of the energy future. Beyond traditional utilities, the company is also exporting its suite of sustainable energy solutions such as district cooling, electric vehicle charging networks in the region! In SP, there are abundant opportunities to grow and keep up with industry trends and developments.

Eugene: Come join us if you’re looking for a career in a progressive organisation dedicated in advancing sustainability goals for a greener energy future!