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1. At Enterprise Singapore, we’re passionate about driving the growth and transformation of Singapore enterprises, so that they create good jobs for Singaporeans. That means working closely with committed local companies to build capabilities, innovate and go global.

Ask Phil Teoh why he took up Enterprise Singapore’s Global Executive Scholarship and he will say it’s to have the opportunity to contribute to Singapore’s presence on the global map.

“I still remember the pride I felt when I was overseas for the first time and saw a local food brand on the shelves of a supermarket there,” he says.

Today, as a Development Partner in the food manufacturing division, Phil is getting to do just that. Enterprise Singapore champions enterprise growth by partnering homegrown companies to innovate, transform, and expand overseas.

Phil gives us exclusive insight into his role and how it contributes to growing globally competitive Singapore enterprises.


2. Currently, I work with homegrown businesses and startups in the food manufacturing industry to understand their growth plans and strategies. We often work behind the scenes to support them, including collaborating with partners like the Good Food Institute Asia Pacific to develop new initiatives to help food manufacturers seize opportunities, such as in the alternative proteins space.


3. Businesses also transform in tandem with their industries. Hence, we also spearhead the transformation of our nation’s key sectors, working across divisions, such as Innovation Ecosystem Development, to develop and execute policies and initiatives like the Industry Transformation Map.


4. Research is par for the course, to keep abreast of new trends, practices and technologies for the industry. This helps us to identify and recommend ideas or assistance to support the companies in growing and upgrading their capabilities.


5. To build a global mindset and explore new opportunities and partnerships, we also join work trips, such as this one to Switzerland and Germany, with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), to exchange ideas with European universities, food corporates and food tech startups.