Republic of Singapore Air Force

Rising Above with RSAF

Having always wanted to become a military aviator since young, Captain Jordan Martin Millar chose to pursue a career with the Republic of Singapore Air Force, taking to the skies to defend our home.

Captain (CPT) Jordan Martin Millar is a pilot in 111 Squadron, operating the G550 Airborne Early Warning (G550-AEW) aircraft. He was awarded the SAF Merit Scholarship in 2016 and attained a Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) defends Singapore’s skies to ensure our peace and security.

The organisation’s mission, purpose and vision allows individuals to develop themselves holistically and truly fly high. Discipline, self-motivation and determination are the mantras of an RSAF pilot, as they spread their wings in military aviation.

CPT Jordan Martin Millar operates the G550 Airborne Early Warning (G550-AEW) aircraft in the RSAF’s 111 Squadron. Represented by the insignia of a Jaeger – German for “Hunter”, the pilots and air warfare officers in the squadron work in tandem to conduct airborne surveillance and scan the skies for aerial threats.

CPT Millar is proud to be part of the force that protects our nation as he pushes boundaries to reach greater heights.

Choosing Purpose over Prestige

After graduating from polytechnic, CPT Millar received no shortage of sponsored study offers. However, the intrepid scholar-to-be had always wanted to become a military aviator since young, inspired by the strong camaraderie and professionalism of the RSAF airmen and women, and the strong sense of purpose towards a higher calling of serving the nation.

“My determination to become a military aviator and the greater calling behind it, putting the nation and others before self and always striving to be better in what I do professionally was intrinsic and focal to me,” he emphasised.

He was also drawn to the variety of opportunities which military aviation could offer. “In the Basic Wings Course (BWC), flying missions would include low-level navigation flights, formation flying, and some aerial manoeuvres like going inverted, doing loops and pulling high-G forces. Imagine doing all of this before you even turn 20!”

Besides the adrenaline rush, there were other, more insightful gains. “The training in the RSAF also gives you opportunities to travel abroad and an appreciation of other cultures as the majority of the initial training is conducted overseas,” outlined CPT Millar. “Even after graduating with the coveted RSAF wings and becoming an RSAF pilot, there are diverse opportunities to go for training and exchange programmes in other countries.”

“Being part of an elite team of professionals working towards a common cause in a constantly dynamic environment was something that I thought would be very meaningful and help spur me on in my future.”

“Flying an aircraft has been a childhood dream of mine and to be able to do it for a living while contributing to a greater purpose in the defence of Singapore is an honour. ” Captain (CPT) Jordan Martin Millar

From Cadet to Captain

In pursuit of his dream, CPT Millar went through the BWC in Perth, Australia, and Advance Jet Training through NATO Flying Training in Canada in 2016. After attaining his wings, he decided to further his studies, applying for and eventually being awarded the SAF Merit Scholarship for his Masters in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for CPT Millar. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, CPT Millar was studying in the UK and encountered difficulties in securing an air ticket back to Singapore. Thankfully, he was supported administratively during his studies and MINDEF stepped in to coordinate his safe return to Singapore.

CPT Millar had never once felt out of touch with the happenings in the RSAF despite studying abroad. During his summer breaks, he was posted to various units across the RSAF, which allowed him to better appreciate how the RSAF operated. He could also confidently expand his horizons beyond his degree through an eight-week summer programme studying Criminology and Radicalisation.

Upon his return home, he took to the skies immediately as a pilot. “Attaining the RSAF wings and becoming an RSAF pilot remains my greatest achievement to date. Every day, when I affix the RSAF wings on my uniform, it always serves as a timely reminder of the reasons that I chose to embark on this career,” he beamed.

“Flying an aircraft has been a childhood dream of mine, and to be able to do it for a living while contributing to a greater purpose in the defence of Singapore is an honour.”

Above All

Having fulfilled his childhood aspirations, CPT Millar is ready to reach higher. He aims to hone his flying skills and hopes to take command of a squadron in the future, leading and guiding others.

Thus, he strongly recommends the RSAF as a place to grow your wings: “A career with the RSAF will allow you to stretch your limits while at the same time, build close relationships with those around you.”

“Your aptitude and attitude will set and determine your altitude and a career with the RSAF will help bring you to greater heights and match your passion.”